RDP Sunday: Tranquil

This is probably the quiet before the storm when mother swan has laid her eggs and now just sits on them to brood them out. Mr. and Mrs. Swan chose a nesting place on the bank of the river, unfortunately near a path. Our local authorities came to the rescue and enclosed the area with a light fence to make sure she would not be disturbed by too many inquisitive people. It worked and some time later I saw her and her partner taking a swim on the river with the cygnets. This was a year ago and I can imagine that the cygnets are now grown swans and perhaps brooding their own.

In the meanwhile we are sort of celebrating Easter. Mr. Swiss decided to partake of a nicely decorated egg that my grandchildren made with their mother. Mr. Swiss decided that the egg was too cold to eat and so he had the idea of warming it in the microwave for a few seconds. Unfortunately you do not put a hard boiled egg in a microwave. I was sitting in kitchen not knowing what he was doing behind my back until I heard a very loud explosion. Yes, the egg exploded in the microwave in many hundreds of small pieces and I was confronted with a soft yellow mass of yolk and eggwhite mixed with tiny microscopic pieces of sharp shell. However with my housewife talents I managed to clean it all away, After half an hour everything was cleared away, I also had to take a mop to remove the remains from the kitchen floor. At least we had some excitement on our day of tranquility.

RDP Sunday: Tranquil

Good Morning

Perhaps a little earlier this morninng as I really caught the sun as it was just rising on the horizon. Yesterday was sunny but no longer so warm.I was at home all day and really had no wish to go anywhere. I planned to bake a cake in the afternoon which almost id not happen. No. 2 son and family are arriving today and the kids like a chocolate cake. I was preparing everything and horror, I had no baking powder. It is a great disadvantage in Switzrland as the Swiss have never discovered how to make self-raising flour: the flour that needs no baking powder because it is already incorporated in the mixture. I grew up in Great Britain and self-raisin flour was a normal ingredient. If you were making pastry then you used plain flour, but cakes were made with self-raising flour. And so I had visions of no cake, but No. 1 son to the rescue, although his time table did not suit my baking as I knew he would only appear in the late afternoon after going into town. However, being a logistic expert, I quickly did a rethink, had a pleasant afternoon, prepared the evening meal and No. 1 son arrived with my baking powder. A Cake mixture does not take so long really, and I had it in the oven baking whilst we were eating the evening meal.

Anyhow the result does not look too bad.

Otherwise I had the usual birdy visitors yesterday, including one crow who was perhaps just a little disappointed as I had not yet spread out the peanuts. Perhaps you can see on the right of the photo the plants that are growing and the leaves are taking colour, the stalks being taller.They are my peony roses which accoding to the German language name of “Whit roses” should be flowering by whitsun, which they usually do.

I also had a visit from the bullfinch which is the most colourful bird I have at the moment. He always likes to stay in the long grass away from the open spaces.

A green finch also appeared, at least that is what I think it is. They all have their own feather designs.

And of course the blue tit was again hovering around. He loves to feed from the hanging food.

And now I should leave you all. I want to begin my cooking spree. It is not a lot of work, but would like to get started that it can cook slowly until lunch. We will be seven people at the table, so that needs a little organisation to fit everything in. However, I now have enough time for everything.

Have a good Easter Sunday everyone and make the most of the easter eggs and chocolate etc. etc.