Good Morning

And the sun is shining again which means it will probably be another wonderful warm spring day. Spring took its time arriving, but now it’s here. I was a little surprised yeterday when I awoke from my midday sleep and saw that the ground was wet. Apparently there were a few drops over midday, but they were only providing some moisture to the garden and disappeared for the rest of the day. I was not planning on going anywhere so it made no difference.

It is also now time for the insects, the beetles and bugs.I saw this one taking a walk across the table on the porch. He was everywhere: over my camera, the computer and eventually disappeared through the spaces in the wooden table. He did some walking, but was excellent at jumping. I have no idea what it is, but I let him get on with his journey. I think I might call him a kangaroo zebra bug.

Things are also growing in my garden, a surprise daily. This little plant found a place between the tiles on the porch. It was a reminder of the bird food seeds that drop to the floor and it seems this one always survives. It is a so called member of the cannabis family, but no worry. It is one of the junior members and will never reach the proportions to qualify me as being an addict. I do not even smoke. However, I will leave it where it is and keep an eye on it. You can say what you will, but they do have a certain charm.

Another arrival I discovered was this long leaved example. I am not sure what it is, but resembles very much an iris in it leafy stage. I do have a bed of iris but they are in another place some way away. I thought they grew mainly from bulbs, but it seems they produce seeds which look like grass when first growing. This one might have made the big escape and I might have a new bed of iris growing. Nature can be so interesting. It might not be an iris, so I am waiting to see what happens. I am sure it is not a triffid, they have other talents.

Meanwhile back to the birds although there are not many left. They are still bent to eating the remainder in the cocoanut shell and make competitive flights to see who gets there first. When it is empty I will put out my second shell. It is all I have left.

Mr. Swiss has announced he will accompany me on my tour of the local store this afternoon. Perhaps we could have a race in our scooters to see who gets there first. It is only along the road so not too far and I have a few bits and pieces I want to pick up. At the moment the weather is really inviting, but I still have to give myself a push to go anywhere.

And now I must move on. I do not want to greet the store delivery man with my online orders still in my nightdress. so I should move into the shower and tidy up a bit. Have a good Friday, it will soon be the week-end, although we golden oldies have a week of week-ends.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning .. great photos … the bug looks very interesting … and scary …. lots of activity at your house today … have a great one … and keep us up to date on the other interesting plant sprouting up between your garden tiles … it will be fascinating to see what it is … SLP …

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    • It is definitely a species of hemp, but nothing to consider as being a drug. anyhow it looks quite pretty. Seems the bug is a spider. At the moment all sorts of things are appearing in the garden. The Spring warm weather is drawing out the insects.


  2. Good Morning!
    I believe that the mysterious insect is not an insect at all, but a zebra spider. I do not know what the iris is, but I do not believe that it really is an iris. It seems to be related to the amaryllis. Cannabis is not supposed to grow from birdseed, but sometimes does. It is not the medicinal species of marijuana, but is instead a species of hemp that is used for textiles. The seed are supposed to be sterile when added to birdseed so that they can not germinate. I do not know what is done to them to kill them, but it is obviously not completely effective. To me, it seems easier to not add them to birdseed at all. In some countries, hemp is illegal (!). It seems silly, since things like this happen, and since this species of hemp is not the same as medicinal marijuana. Actually, to me, it seems silly that marijuana is so illegal in other countries, since many of us grow comparably medicinal species in home gardens and landscapes, and many are significantly more toxic. I do not mind though, since I have such an aversion to marijuana, and am none to keen on hemp either, just because it looks like marijuana. As a horticulturist, I must contend with the stigma that ALL horticulturists are addicted to pot, which is why we became horticulturists in the first place. I have never tried it, and do not intend to ever do so. Pot heads make a mockery of horticulture.

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    • Zebra spider sounds good. Must have a read up on them. It was quite small and very quick.
      I think this is an iris and I read up on the seeds. You do not notice the plant for the first couple of years, but then it develops into a fully grown iris. I will keep an eye on it and hope it might flower. I have a bed of iris in the garden, so it could be a renegade seed.
      As for the bird seed I have a complete collection of unwanted plants every year from the seed that drops by the wayside, and often a mini hemp grows. Here Hemp is also illegal, but it depends on the THC content or whatever it is called. The seeds in the bird mixture are definitely not a drug and my birds still fly in straight lines so it does not go to their heads.

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      • Well, there are more species of iris than I can count. I just featured a picture of what is likely a Dutch iris, which, although popular elsewhere, is something that I have never worked with. My first bearded iris, which I got from my great grandmother’s garden when I was tyke, is actually an Iris pallida, which was likely grown as orris root, rather than for the pretty bloom.

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  3. Good afternoon it is a spring day it will reach the high in the 60sF. I have more exercise this week. Today I am exhaust but will take easy. We haven’t been sleeping very good, I open all our window for fresh air and that help sleep better last. Iris does grow from seed and there are many different species. It doesn’t look like iris leaves to me. I have found many plants from the birdseed. Thistle seed has never spouted for me. The goldfinches love it. I thought your bug looked like a spider to me. Happy Tomo knew it. Have a safe journey to town and a pleasant evening.


  4. Hemp makes great rope and fabric, too. It also makes a great hand cream that my skin REALLY loves — soaks it right up. It’s a favorite bird food. It makes canaries sing, I’m told. Might make ME sing, too 😀

    It’s all legal here, by the way. But that plant is probably good for what it started as — bird food. The hemp seed they use in bird food usually isn’t for “human consumption.”

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    • No, it is not the stuff to get high on. Only the birdies perhaps hit some higher notes when singing. The real plants are enormous and ver tall. It is not legal here and the police found a few plantations growing „wild“ in the woods. However I find it a nice plant and will leave my wayward seed to grow and develop


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