9 thoughts on “FOTD 24th November 2020: Chrysanthemum

  1. I’ve lately developed a passion for white flowers (I think because I was invited for drinks to a VERY posh house where the whole living -room was white, carpet, furniture, curtains, and flowers, flowers everywhere0. In my own unsubtle way I’ve tried to copy but my vases of freesias, chrysanthemums and white lilies are not doing the trick. Maybe I’ve got to wait until an unknown relative leaves me a fortune and I can change the whole decor. Oh, with the white went silver in this posh room, silver framed mirrors, silver-edged glass coffee tables and silver bits and bobs around the place. Back to normality, your simple bunch of chrysanths looks delightful.

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    • White flowers are always very attractive and are so perfect, although I find having a white living space could be a little difficult with keeping it clean.


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