Good Morning

It rained all night which quite surprised me. We had a sunny day yesterday and no sign of rain, but as I went down to the laundry room yesterday evening I heard the noise of it on the glass pain over the staircase. I checked when I returned to the appartment and sure enough it was raining. This morning it was damp outside, but no more rain. According to the weather report we will be having yet another sunny day today.

I was off for a journey to the local stables/farm and was well rewarded. The rooster again put in an appearance. I had not seen him for a while, but he had returned in his full glory. If there was ever a reward for the rooster of the year, then he has it. I have never seen such a wonderful array of colours and I am sure the chickens are all fighting for his favours.

I think this one made a special effort with her unique hairstyle. They are the silky breed of chicken, also something special with their upright feathers on the head, the punkers amongst the chickens.

The farmer has now moved the chicken run closer to the path which makes it easier for a group photo now and again. These are the laying hens, the ones that supply our morning breakfast. They seem to have their own rooster to take care of things. I find it wonderful that our local hens lead a good life on the open fields.

There were even some cows out of the field enjoying the sunny weather and having a graze. Growing up in London, I never had the benefit so much of nature’s delights and I am still fascinated by all the animals I see. Mr. Swiss is surprised that I am so fascinated by all the farm animals. He grew up in a farming village, so it was all part of growing up for him. When I got home yesterday I was surprised to see that I had one hundred photos on my camera to upload. I just could not stop shooting.

There were some horses also enjoying the good weather, although I noticed they had their overcoats on to keep them warm. If I had had the chance to learn to ride, I would now be living in horse heaven with a stables in the back yard.

I was only gone for just over an hour, but it was a wonderful hour and I savoured every minute of it. No stores to visit, no mask to wear, just enjoying normal life away from its problems. There were others enjoying the day on a walk, but we had plenty of space from each other. Now and again someone had found a bench to rest on and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Even the TV programme was good yesterday evening. I discovered that the BBC 4 programme brought a film about Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club in the Soho area of London. He was one of my heros in my younger days in London and somehow the jazz situation fascinated me. It was in the sixties when I got interested in jazz, and the British piano player Steve Race would bring a weekly programme from the club. Many well known musicians played at the club. I think it was the atmosphere that attracted them. Names like Ella Fitzgerald, Sonny Rollins, Oscar Peterson to name a few would perform there. They would make a point of going to the club when in London. The programme was more about the personal side of Ronnie Scott and how the club was founded and he was appearing himself as a person in the programme, not only playing his sax.

Perhaps sounding not so good, but not one of the best recordings, a classic piece with Ronnie Scott and Ben Webster.

I was not really a jazzer, although probably a prevented jazzer. I had no near connections to the scene, only through TV and listening to radio programmes. Growing up in a working class family I never had the chance to go to the West End and visit the club. I think it was one of the connections I had when I met Mr. Swiss. He was in London and already a keen jazz fan. being 8 years younger than me he was visiting Ronnie Scotts jazz club before I even knew it existed. I think he saw more of the inside of the club than the english school he was/should have been attending. It was a common theme in our first conversations I remember and yesterday we could live through it again with the TV programme. He recorded the programme and I know we will be watching it again. Amazing the wonderful memories that can return by watching a TV programme.

And now I must move on. It is another Monday morning and again the weekly routine, which I do not mind at all. Have a good week everyone, try to enjoy it.

This is the entrance to the local stables with its two horses guarding the way in.