RDP Saturday: Luminescence

The lamp looks quite harmless. It is in our living room in the apartment. You switch it on when it begins to get too dark and switch it off when you retire to bed. Simple really, but I think this lamp is possessed.

Every evening at approximately 7.00 p.m. it begins to flicker. Not just flicker but on an off constantly for about two minutes. I know that two minutes is a short time, but when you have on and off all the time it seems quite a long time. Dark-light-dark-light and we do not know why. Of course this is only during the Winter months. Otherwise during the Summer it begins around 9.00 pm. due to daylight saving time with a two hour difference. The lamp waits for it to get dark enough to be switched on.

Is there a genie in the lamp? Is it cursed? Did something happen in our apartment at this time once to cause this reaction? As far as we know no-one has ever been mudered, or disappeared. We just watch it happen every evening. The electric bulb has never been replaced, it has never exploded. We are keeping an eye on it and waiting for the evening when it does not happen. Although perhaps that would not be so good. Perhaps it has to happen to keep the spirits happy.

RDP Saturday: Luminescence

Good Morning

I almost gave up again on a morning photo, but decided that even mist has its good side, very mysterious. This morning is very damp. I even heard water drops falling on the leaves, although it is not raining, just the mist releasing the water. Otherwise during the day we are having quite sunny spells and on the warmer side.

This morning I had another small drama, I could not find my mouse to the Apple computer. It happens too often lately, but it always turns up again. The last time, yesterday, I found it between the cushion and seat to my computer storage desk. It must have slipped down when I was putting it back in the other room. This morning I gave up, did not bother and am using my Windows computer. In between I am soaking my seven orchids in water. When I fetched the last batch of three orchids (first I water 4 of them and afterwards the other 3) I found my mouse, It had fallen into one of the pot covers of an orchid. I then remembered I had a slight collision with an orchid yesterday evening when bedding my computer for the night. At least I have found it again without any further drama.

I was off to town again yesterday for a few supplies and noticed on the way how the Autumn leaves are now taking over the paths. This is the street into town. On the other side of the road there is the first store but as it has no butchers department and only packed meat, I like to get the week-end meat in the store in town and I managed to get a lovely piece of beef for stewing with veg for today’s lunch: a sort of pot-au-feu and I can put it in the boillon when it boils and forget it for a few hours.

Shopping was quickly dealt with. Now my system is paying off with my food store in the laundry room and shopping daily. I do not have to get so much and have more time for drifting around in town and having a relaxed scooter ride with no stress.

There really seem to be less people now in the town. A lot of people have discovered that online buying has its advantages and I see many people just taking a stroll through town, often with the dog, and having a coffee somewhere in a restaurant. I never realised that so many people have a dog.


On the way into town I always get a view of the so-called Mutti tower. A strange name for a building. “Mutti” is a word for Mummy, a mother. I asked Mr. Swiss why the name, but he did not know either. As far as I know it is a home for black martins, the tower is full of them. At the base of the tower there is a theater, although I have never been in the theater. At the moment it looks quite mysterious with the Autumn trees surrounding it.

And now it is time to get on with other chores of the day. Lunch is on its way and my orchids have now had their weekly water ration. Have a good week-end everyone, and make the most of it.