FOWC with Fandango: Succumb

Time for a bite to eat. Now if I sit here she is bound to notice me. I have to put the starving cat expression on my face then she cannot resist. I can hear her coming.

“Hello Roschti, time for a little snack?”

I only really speak meow, but get the idea when a human speaks. This is a good one, she even smells of cat, although she probably is not aware of it. so here they come, the little tasty bits and pieces. Now I can go to town on a munching trip, although it can get a little annoying when she takes a photo.

FOWC with Fandango: Succumb

RDP Sunday: Snitch

He was doing it again. Day for day, the same thing. This was not how she imagined retired life to be. Admittedly they were both no longer the youngest and not the most mobile, but someone had to do the action, so it was the fittest that plunged into the daily routine of going to town, shopping and making sure of survival.

She left after lunch leaving him with his nose stuck in the Kindle, as he had done so during morning. Morning conversation was reduced to a good morning, just to remain polite and “dinner is ready” when he actually moved to the table to eat. Everyone has to succumb to their needs, she thought, although her needs were basically keeping the place clean and tidy and making sure that everything was where it should be in case of emergency. You never knew if suddenly there might be an accident: it was always a good thing to have clean underwear and food in the fridge – you never know. And so she dragged herself to the store, bought the necessary and dragged it back home. Did he leave the chair, put his Kindle on one side, and come and see what she had bought? No, he did not, the book was more interesting. And then there were the times when she perhaps remarked on something, nothing important, just perhaps telling him who she met when she was in town, or even what she saw.

He might nod, but she had to tell these things at the right moment. It could be that an interesting passage was found in the book, or perhaps he had found something interesting on the iPad. His interest was still there for political events. Perhaps there was an election in the country, a crime committed somewhere. Even a new president would take his interest, but it had to be someone he had heard of. If she met someone he used to know, it was most probable that he had forgotten who it was, or not interested. She noticed that he had soon lost interest and was back to his iPad or Kindle. Modern electronic devices were good, but did they really have to replace conversation.

And so life went on – for him. She decided this was no life for her.

One day she went shopping. He only noticed when it was time for the evening meal that there was nothing on the table. Not even a plate and no familiar smell in the kitchen of something cooking. Of course he was annoyed, He did not notice so much that there was no breakfast, because he had given up that some time ago, and a cup of coffee was enough chased by a cigarette. He really felt hungry at lunch time, but he found something frozen in the fridge and even managed to cook it. There was even a few frozen loafs of bread. After a week of living on frozen food, and still waiting to hear the familiar sound of a key in the door he gave up. He had done a quick check and realised that there was only enough frozen food for the next two days.

A few years later he read an obituary from a local senior home bearing her name. “So that was where she had been hiding all those years” he thought. “What a snitch and a selfish woman she was”.

Nurse Mabel entered his room at the care home.

“Time to put your book away and sleep” she said. As she left the room she thought “Day for day the same place in his Kindle, the same words and same story.”

RDP Sunday: Snitch

Good Morning

I am so getting fed up with our dreary low cloud covered sky. I am probably getting sun starved. I would so like to see it again. It does not even have to be shedding warmth, just some light and shade in this boring little corner. that is why I am showing our Christmas lights again, this time with my camera and not mobile phone. At least the nights are lively.

I had a little bright point this morning when Roschti, the neighbours cat, put in an appearance. He sat at the window looking at me with his longing eyes and I could not resist, so he got a snack to start off the morning.

Five minutes later, Neghbour’s cat No. 2 arrived and so he was also given his breakfast.

To complete the picture the robin arrived, although I must admit this photo was yesterday. This morning he was contented to feed from the deck where the sparrows have their laid table. The sparrows had been and gone by the time he ventured to arrive. Robins do not like to share their food I noticed.

Otherwise I had a day of semi isolation yesterday. I stayed at home and tended to the apartment. I had no desire to go anywhere in this dull cold weather. Although just sitting around and doing nothing is not my thing.

I decided to bake a fruit cake. I had so many left overs of fruit from the other cakes I have made I decided to use them in a cake creation. This time I had some cherries and some cranberries I could add. I also used some brown sugar for a change.

Which reminded me of a wake up song from Mick Jagger for the morning. So now we are all awake and I am going further on my daily household routine. I have a red cabbage to cook to go with the boiled ham for lunch so should get moving. I also just got a warning that my keyboard is low and I should upload it, which I am now doing as I am writing. The original keyboard on my Apple gave up the ghost some time ago. It still works, but not all the letters-

I must really move on now. Have a good relaxed Sunday and may it be a good one.