RDP Thursday: Summer Fun

Was it really fun sitting on an inflatable unicorn floating on the river, exposed to the sun? It was fun to take a photo of those doing it, but I am now glad for the quieter days of Winter.

Sitting at home in the evening, early nights, read a book or just relax in front of the TV. No more bites from mosquitos, no more sunburn on the skin and no more weaving your way through the strip show on the banks of the river, everyone competing to see who could wear the less covers on the body and still stay respectable. The smell of burnt meat in the air from the various b-b-qued examples of roasted flesh and a flaming grill which might have got a little out of control and polluting the air with its smoke clouds.

Summer fun? What about Winter fun?

What did you say Mr. Blackbird. “Give me the Winter any time, we don’t have to search for food, we have a laid table and no nesting, meaning no screeching babies with wide open mouths waiting for the worm that we early birds are supposed to catch. No, thanks, it’s Winter fun for us, with bird house visits daily. and seeds for breakfast, dinner and tea.

RDP Thursday: Summer Fun

Good Morning

Not bad, despite a rainy night. Now the rain has gone although the forecast is a rainy day, but forecasts are not always correct. There is snow predicted even in lower areas for tomorrow, although that does not mean everywhere according to my past experience. Anyhow I decided to be prepared and have organised everything. Now that online deliveries are back to normal I have organised one for tomorrow. Otherwise I have been making trips to the stores now and again to see me through the week-end. Today I am just going on a little luxury tour for a few bits and pieces, but nothing absolutely necessary or a matter of starvation and tomorrow I can please myself. As I have no ski attachments to my scooter or wheelchair I am not prepared for the worst and I am certain, according to Murphy’s law, that tomorrow will be a perfect day.

And just look at this. My austistic No. 1 son was it town yesterday and remembered my request for one of the super sunsets. I am never out late enough to see them. He took this around 5.30 pm before returning home with his phone camera: a view down the local river towards West. What could be better. I knew I could rely on him to do it for his mum. I told him he could take a few photos now and again, hoping his interest as a photographer was now awakened, but I can hope. This photo really surpassed my expectations.

I had a try myself before he got home, from my patio, but I could not capture it so well, although I could see the faint red glow in the distance and managed to capture the moon.

Otherwise we were all busy in our estate yesterday making sure that everything was ready for the paper and cardboard collection. My No. 1 son again to the rescue and he had put our contribution outside. We have to stack the cardboard together and bind the newspapers with string. This time it was also combined with the garden remains. The collections take place today and then it will be over for a month, so we can begin collecting again. By the way this was not illuminated by electric lighting, but the sun was shining strongly yesterday. I was quite blinded by it on my way to town on the scooter.

The sun also illuminated the front of our cathedral.

I met one of the guys belonging to the organisation that sometimes picks up my shopping at the store and brings it home for me. He had noticed that I was no longer organising the pickups. I told him I could now manage it quite well myself, but if necessary would call on them again. It is really going well at the moment and I am again enjoying my after dinner sleep which really makes a big difference to how I feel.

My little sparrows are getting quite adventurous in their foraging expeditions and have now began to peck around in the Autumn leaves, although you cannot see them so well as their colours mix into the background.

And now I should begin to mix into the background with my various cleaning instruments to organise my household and begin to cook something for lunch, but I have enough time.

Keep safe everyone, Mr. Corona is still around, although he is dwindling just a little here, but who knows. Apparently the new vaccine also works well on the golden oldies, so I suppose that will be one of my visits to the doc next year. Mr. Trump is also still around trying his best to convince everyone that the American state has done him wrong with the election results. He has become a standing joke and only those that walk around with guns and are still having delusions that he will win after a vote recount still believe in the impossible.