FOWC with Fandango: Fidelity

My wedding ring with the reflection of the camera as I took the photo and it was my second wedding ring. Although I have been married for 52 years, for ten years approsimately I did not have a wedding ring. I remember buying the original ring with Mr. Swiss. It was a plain gold band. We did not have a lot of money, but it very much resembled my mother’s wedding ring so I decided this was the one.

Forward to many years later when I was on holiday in London visiting my dad, I had an accident whilst crossing Tower Bridge with my friend in the evening. I broke my arm. If you are going to fall and break anything, then make sure you do it in a place to be remembered. My friend took me to the hospital and they kept me as I had broken the arm. I was operated the next day and a day later was back at my dad’s house, but without wearing my wedding ring. Before the operation they said I should remove it and I told them it was not possible. The English nurse tried but confirmed it was not possible. After the operation I awoke to find some strange blue marks on the finger and the wedding ring on a band hanging around my neck. I do not know how they removed it and I did not ask, but the finger was still in one piece and so was my arm. They had fixed it with a pin.

And now forward another few years. Mr. Swiss found having a wife without a wedding ring was not so good and decided it was the time for me to have a new ring. He tried to get it as a surprise, but had to take measurements so I realised that something was afoot (or afinger). And now I have my wedding ring again, this time in white gold. In the meanwhile the pin has been removed from my arm as the bones mended, but this time the ring remained.

FOWC with Fandango: Fidelity

Good Morning

This just about sums it up at the moment. Misty and dull and nothing to be seen. Not even clouds, just one big cloud covering everything. . Needless to say I did not go far yesterday.

This was the only interesting place I visited in the afternoon – our local store to get a few items. They buiilt it a couple of years ago and it is very useful for me to shop now and again. It used to be our garage, where we even bought our car, but they are moved just outside town in a larger area and as I no longer have a car, I do not miss it not being so near. They converted it into a supermarket where the offices and car showrooms used to be. There is still a large part still empty, but one day it will also be something new arriving there. I have a few wishes, but who knows what it will be.

The only other things I saw yesterday were the usual feathered visitors. The magpies always arrive in the morning to see what is on offer, but they can be very shy. They usually warn me with their cries that they are there. This morning there was quite a commotion as the neighbours cat decided to take a closer look at the meals on wings, but they were all off to the trees when then smelt/saw him.

They are so quick when the notice a movement and I can be glad to get a shot in with my camera. However, I managed to capture one of them with a peanut in his beak. They tend to ignore the walnuts as they are probably too big to carry off and leave the heavy work to the crows. The crows are not visiting so much this year, but perhaps it is a little early.

No. 2 son visited yesterday. He was tidying up his apartment in the nearby town as he is not using it at the moment due to having his home office in another part of Switzerland. Life is a bit different for all of us at the moment. We do not have such strict rules about family visits, although caution is always required. My son and the family would visit us, and we would be glad to see them. We decided to leave it until the whole situation calms down. We have contact by computer, iPad and iPhone and see the antics of our grandchildren and can talk together. It is not the same as real life, but at least we have that.

Our little robin is now often here, but always alone, unless there are a pair that operate on their own.

And now I must go: a short one this morning, but my online delivery of week-end food will be arriving in an hour and I should make myself respectable before the chauffeur arrives, although Mr. Swiss also takes care of it if I am not around. This afternoon I will probably be in town to get some wine for cooking in the other store. Otherwise I have nothing particular to buy. We are completely decked until Tuesday, just perhaps a short trip for fresh bread, although I also have enough in the freezer should the famine break out.

Have a good Friday. A few words to my friends in the British colony in America that I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving despite Mr. Covid, who was definitely not invited. See you around later.

One of the attic rooms in our old town.