FOWC with Fandango: Arrest

Our government is a little stressed at the moment, perhaps more than a little, not really knowing what the best thing to do is to protect us all from Mr. Covid 19. However, there is a new strategie. Wearing masks is a must when entering a closed space such as a shop or other premises, but on the street, it is your own decision. There is an exception when it is market day, we then all have to wear a mask. We have been told that police will now be patrolling more.

This photo was taken a day after the announcement. In the middle of town a police van with four masked police standing next to it. They were not arresting anyone, as we were all doing the right thing, but I have a strange feeling that we are slowly becoming a police state.

Yesterday as I was leaving the store there was a police van parked on the street. A masked police officer was busy doing something next to the van. I walked past and decided to strike up a conversation.

“I have never seen so many police in town over the past week. Is it because of the virus?+

The policman stopped his work and gave me an answer. He seemed to be quite happy that someone showed interest in his work.

“No, not really” he said, “we just like to keep an eye on things.”

“But Solothurn is such a quiet market town, and we have no Mafia organisations-“

“You would be surprised.” was the answer.

“Have a nice day” he said as we said goodbye.

Sometimes it is quite good to have a conversation with the police, It gives them a feeling that they are doing a good job.

FOWC with Fandango: Arrest

Good Morning

I was looking to take a photo of a tree full of birds waiting to pounce, but the birds pounced just as I was ready to take the photo and disappeared. And then Mr. Swiss strolled into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and it was finished with live photos. I decided to take the photo of an Autumn tree opposite my front garden. At least it stays where it is and the leaves are still sitting tight.

I was off to town again yesterday for a few items. The first thing I see when approaching our town of Solothurn is the cathedral. I was quite happy with my shopping trip yesterday as I had very little to get: just a bit of meat and veg, I no longer use my delivery service so much for bringing the goods home. I can manage quite well with my scooter basket and also have plenty of room on the scooter platform. I usually had a midday sleep and afterwards went shopping, but this was too late for home delivery from he organisation of the goods I bought afterwards. I tried to go earlier which would fit their programme, postponing my sleep until when I returned home, but after a while I realised this does not work so well for me. I was exhausted after my visit to the store. Now I have a different system, going daily to the stores. I do not have to bring so much home and I go out every afternoon somewhere in any case, so it makes no big difference. I can now have my after lunch sleep again, and I am glad. Having MS does tend to tire you out more, and all I need was a midday break after cooking and preparing dinner. Just a sleep for an hour does quite nicely.

Our town of Solothurn is really showing itself from its best side at the moment with the Autumn decorations on the trees. It is good to get out and enjoy the fresh air, even if most of us are wearing our masks. Life is certainly something different now. I would have never thought that something like this pandemic could happen. It gets more and more like a science fiction novel.

Mr. Trump is still entertaining everyone with his tantrums. I read something new every day (of course all fake news). Somewhere I saw that he is intending to barricade himself in the white house, refusing to leave. If I was Biden I would have the whole house fumigated in any case before I would move it. It must be full of virus remains and it would definitely disgust me to take over a bedroom after Trump.

This afternoon I will be off to the local store. I have made my shopping plans up to Saturday, which will carry me through with food until Monday afternoon. Being a golden oldie now my life seems to revolve on what to cook and eat combined with baking a cake now and again.

This morning I had an alternative excitement. It is fresh linen day again on the beds, so I spent the first half hour removing the linen. I will now let them air out for a while and then I can get down to the work of re-covering them and cleaning under the beds, although there is no really anything to clean, just a quick go over with the Dyson to remove any unseen dust. What an exciting life I lead.

May your day be a good one and enjoy it as much as possible. I am hoping for just a little sunshine this afternoon, it looks like the sky is clearing a little and I even saw something blue peeping through.