Good Morning

I have given up with a morning sky photo, as it is always the same dull backdrop and no clouds. It is also a little misty. However, when you have crows that visit in the morning to collect the goodies, walnuts and a few peanuts, then who needs anything else.

This morning I was even lucky enough to catch the magpie as he decided to photo bomb my photography. He was quick and just managed to get a peanut in his beak before flying off. They are sly birds, and quicker than the crows.

Otherwise I was off into town yesterday for a few items. This is the end of the road around the town. Were the tower is, there is an opening through an arch leading to the old town. I cross the road to get to the stores on the righthand side.

One of the main stores is on the left and the other is straight ahead through the alley. I met a colleague yesterday that I had not seen for some time. She recognised me but I did not recognise her, only by her voice as she is an irish lady and I noticed the accent. She had a mask on, so did I, but mine was not covering my face as it was is a less populated area. We had a few things to catch up on. She is about my age, and we both have a common subject of corona virus. She was also of the opinion that it is good to get out as much as possible and I could only agree. I really enjoy my scooter excursions. There is not very much traffic on the streets and I enjoy my mobility.

And yesterday I was given a rose. There is a guy that sells single roses at the entrance to one of the stores. He is harmless, and a little handicapped. He has often asked me if I would like to buy one, although I do not buy single roses. Yesterday he had his roses and asked if I would like one, it would costs nothing. It was later in the afternoon and probably they would no longer be so fresh the next day. I thanked him and here is my rose on my scooter. It is not every day that a golden oldie like me gets the gift of a rose.

It is a funny thing with the scooters I now and again see other golden oldies with their scooter and as we pass each other we always greet or nod. We all have something in common.Yesterday I even got into a conversation with another golden oldie on her scooter. She said she was 84 years old and inherited the scooter after her husband passed away ten years ago. She also said it is her rescue and can do her own shopping and remain mobile.

On my return journey though town I notice that Christmas is slowly making itself noticeable in the stores. This window decoration caught my eye. I still find it a little early, but December will soon be upon us. I usually listen to the British radio during the morning (on my ipods) and their radio stations have been full of Christmas shopping ideas for some time. Although I find the season makes a change in the normal routine, I do not do any Christmas shopping and make no lists. I make one exception for my two grandchildren and the youngest granddaughter will be one year old today, so that is really something to celebrate.

A couple of weeks ago I had a small accident at home and fell. There were no injuries, the only problem being that I had to call the ambulance to put me in the upright position again as Mr. Swiss is no longer able to lift me. It worked quite well as when I am on my feet again I have no problems. It is just overcoming the gravity of the situation. Yesterday I received the bill from the local hospital. 800 swiss francs for the putting me back on my feet. All not so bad because my insurance will cover it. It is so easy to lose your balance, especially if you get an attack where the head seems to move on its own and leaves the body for a few seconds.

And I am now leaving my comfortable place at the kitchen table with the computer to deal with the chores of the day. Look after yourselves, avoid Mr. Corona, he tends to travel by beamer something like starship Entreprise.

One of the town gardens in it best Autumn colours, in the house where Casanova once spent a night, so they say.