Good Morning

I take a photo of the early morning daily, and have many. I have discovered that the sunrises in Autumn are the best (if the sun decides to rise). They illuminate the sky with wonderful stunning patterns with the help of the clouds. Does this mean that today will be a sunny one? According to the weather forecast it should be, so up and away this afternoon into town to deal with some shopping. I am quite looking forward to it, masked of course.

Yesteday I decided to stay in the open spaces, through the cemetery and via the castle. It was All Saints Day which is the day when many people like to visit the graves of the departed and there was quit a gathering in the cemetery. Although I had my camera with me I just shot this photo of the entrance, but once inside I found it would not be a good idea to begin taking photos. Some people could take offence. I met a colleague whilst there visiting her husband’s grave, We had not seen each other for some time and caught up on our daily lives. She is now becoming a golden oldie like myself and now lives alone. We exchanged our experiences of senior life and agreed it can get quite lonely sometimes. Although I live with No. 1 son and Mr. Swiss, it is no longer as it was. My son is at work during the day and Mr. Swiss no longer goes out so much, although he also has a scooter like mine. He prefers to sit at home and read or in the evening watch TV. He also now goes to bed much earlier. He used to be a late night person, but now I am the one that stays up until 11.00 p.m. and he already disappears from 9-10 pm. I suppose life does get a little lonely, no more long conversations, but i can keep myself busy with household chores, some cooking and a little computer. Life changes as you get older.I like to go places, even if it is just for a loaf of bread in the store.

Yesterday I was off to the local farm again in the afternoon, to see how the chickens were keeping. Each time I go I discover a different breed. I do not know what this one was, but she seemed to be having a rest.

And here is another variety with her sprinkled feathers. They really have a chicken show.

Mainly there are the so-called silkies around the farm house with the punk hairstyle. The laying hens have their own movable apartment houses out on the farm field. I just love visiting the chickens, they are so amusing.

And this time I managed to get a good view of the pony they have. He is usually hiding behind the horses, but he was out on the field having a graze.

I do not know what they find amongst the stones to much, but they always seem to be busy with something. Sometimes I meet horses with a rider. They seem to be very well looked after and there are always one two having a brush and wash outside.

And of course there were the usual cows. This time they all had a bell around their necks. For a while the cows were without as it was decided that cow life is more stress with the accompany sound of a bell all the time. Perhaps that they now are outside during the day it makes it easier for the farmer to find them. Mr. Swiss laughs at my interest in cows. He grew up surrounded by herds of them up on the slopes of the Jura mountains in a small village and it was daily life for him as a kid. The only cows I saw in London were when I visited my cousins just outside of London where they had a field at the back of their house. It was like being on holiday for me. Now my neighbours are cows, so what could be better.

I eventually made my way home. It was one of those stressless Sunday evenings where everyone helps themself to what the fridge has to offer for the evening meal. I was quite happy with an egg and tomato sandwich and afterward a slice of the cake I baked last week. For a few days there will be no new cakes as one of the mixing arms broke on my machine. It is only an electric hand mixer, and I have now ordered a new one. which should arrive in couple of days. Online buying life has its advantages.

I even manged to get a glimpse of the alps yesterday from the heights of our local castle.

And now I am off to begin the day, there are things to do and places to see. Stay safe and wear your masks, they are now more necessary than ever and they do not hurt. We women even look more mysterious than otherwise. Mr. Covin-Corona is lurking everywhere, so keep a distance from the others. The most annoying for me is when I am town and two unmasked people are having a loud conversation. That is when I really keep my distance.