RDP Sunday: Tidbit

I am often asked why I wear a poppy on my coat during the month of November. Although I have been Swiss since the last 51 years, my British origins are still there. Although I speak Swiss German since living in this country, and I speak it quite fluently, people still notice that I have an accent. Some things never leave you, and remain.

One thing I have never forgot is that my dad was away for 5 years in another country from 1939-1945 as a soldier, as were most Brits at the time. Many different countries were without the male population all for the same reason. There was a war going on. I was born in 1946 when the war was over and my dad was back home.

Many did not return home, from various countries. A poppy became the flower that remained as a reminder of what had happened, being the flower to be found in Flanders in Belgium amongst the battlefields and it is worn as a memory by the British.

I remember once I was leaving the Swiss aircraft after the flight from London to Zürich and one of the crew members asked me why so many British were wearing a poppy. She was young and lucky enough not to have lived through the perils of war.

RDP Sunday: Tidbit

Good Morning

It is a misty morning and nothing special to see, so I decided to take a photo of one of my morning visitors. It seems to be a thirsty sparrow, or just washng down the bird food it had just got.

In the meanwhile another visitor arrived. At first he was sitting in front of the window waiting for a few cat treats, which I gave him and then he wandered off to the water supply. Something caught his attention, so he decided to concentrate on a feathered friend munching away at the bird seed rations. I think Roschti then had visions of bird for a breakfast treat, but the bird flew off and now Röschti has moved on.

It was a bit of a stress morning. First of all I gave my 7 remaining orchids a soak with some fertiliser in the water. The are now losing their flowers, almost all have gone, but there are a few new shoots so I will be keeping them alive for next year’s show of flowers. That takes time and whilst they were soaking I thought I could bake up my half baked bread from the store. However, shock when I opened the oven. Yesterday I made a home made pizza, but did not notice that some of it dripped down to the bottom of the oven, so I spent some time cleaning the burnt mess from the oven.

I also had to go down to my laundry/store room for some meat from the freezer for dinner and also a new pot of jam for my breakfast. Mr. Swiss had also cried out for a litre of milk, also in the cellar and offered to fetch it. I told him not to bother as there were other items I needed. After my journey to the cellar I returned to the apartment and began to clear away the washing I had hung yesterday to dry. In between I filled up the bird feeder and when all this was completed I returned my four pots of orchids to their stand, and fetched the remaining three for their weekly watering. They are still sitting in the sink absorbing their water. In the meanwhile I fetched my computer and am writing my morning contribution. Mr. Swiss has now returned to hugging the bed.

Yesterday I was again in town in the afternoon. I had no great shopping tour to do, but wanted to break the isolation of the afternoon by seeing something a little different. Our houses in town have various different facades and can be quite attractive. I eventually arrived at the store. There were a few ingredients I wanted in case I would bake something over the week-end and we only had one egg, so I replenished them as well.

Yesterday my new mixer arrived. The old one had given up the ghost after many years of service and this time I got one a little more elaborate with a stronger motor and also a chopping attachment. I seem to have been replenishing a few items lately, but as I no longer have to buy new batteries for the car or have it serviced, the money I am spending on a few household appliances is nothing in comparison to the costs of having a car. After almost half a year without a car, I am gradually getting used to it. The only time I miss it little is when it rains, but even that is no longer a problem. You get used to it and a raincoat works wonders. I have now noticed that when on a journey on my scooter a nice warm woolly hat and gloves will be necessary. I have them, but now should use them. If and when we get snow there will be another plan using the local train, but I will also take that in my strike. I can order my shopping online but due to an increase in our covid cases, the delivery slots are again being lengthened.

A neighbour of ours along the main road has a building skip in his garden and decorates it without various objects. At the moment he has a windmill show.

And now is time to move on, I have wasted enough time with other objects this morning. Have a good Sunday and enjoy – above all keep safe.