RDP Thursday: Paint

“Are you boys finished? My arms hurt and so does my back.”

“Stop making such a fuss. Think of Michelangelo when he painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel and that took four years. You are complaining after four minutes.”

“But no-one had to hold up the wall for Michelangelo. He could lay on his back and relax.”

RDP Thursday: Paint

Good Morning

Does not look so good outside, but I think the mini monsoon is now over and it can only get better. Yesterday began with rain but stopped during the morning. It still looked a bit unsettled when I took to the trail to the store, but remained dry. On the way home it began to drip again, but nothing serious and I more or less arrived home dry.

Of course I took a few photos whilst in town, same places as usual. Here the bus was just preparing to leave. Our busses do not go so far, just to the surrounding villages, but not to ours unless our local train breaks down and they will be a substitute. The post bus goes through our village on its way up the local mountain, Balmberg. That is the area where Mr. Swiss grew up.

The large house on the right was the new house his father built and the house where he grew up is next to it. It is a small village with many surrounding farms.

In town there was not very much happening and not many people. On the left is one of our two post offices, although I do not often visit it: too difficult to get to with my walker because of the steps to mount.

Yesteday my chopping machine arrived. It is quite a monster, but fits nicely on my kitchen top next to my air fryer. I wanted it for milling mainly almonds for my cakes. The packets you buy are milled with the skins on and I like them without, so I buy the almonds skinless and mill them myself. It is also useful for fine cutting of various veg and lots of other tasks to make life a little easier.

Just now there was a ring at the door, and it was only once, so I knew it was not the postman. I got my online delivery of various groceries from the chain store so I was busy shifting it all down to my store room/laundry room which worked quite well as Mr. Swiss stopped hugging the bed in the meanwhile and gave me a hand. There were 6×6 packs of 1,5 liter bottles of Cola and that was a heavy task. My logistic talent again came to my help. I shifted the packs to the lift and the rest was a short journey to the store room and I already had the place for them. Usually son No. 1 helps me, but he was not here and I did not want to wait until the evening.

I now have my two 5 KG bags of bird food and so they will now have something to munch on and now to fill the bird feeder.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy. I am already exhausted with shifting my goods delivery but it is now completed. Now to fill the bird house. See you later, hopefully feeling a little more rested.

What a lovely Autumn path to take into town.