RDP Tuesday: QI

“It’s already for one of my special Chinese dishes, but wait a minute. where is the QI”

“The what?”

“A QI. No chinese meal is complete without a QI. I told the guy in the store not to forget to include the QI.”

“And what did he say?.”

“He didn’t say anything really. He just nodded with a smile on his face and said it was free of charge.”

“What does it look like”.

“All QI’s look the same. A Chinese meal is not the same without a QI, everyone knows that. It gives that particular QI taste to the food.

“What colour is it?”

“QI coloured. You do not eat colours, it is the taste that is important. Wait a moment I have found it, it was still in my shopping bag and now it refuses to leave the bag. It is hanging on and has decided it does not want to be cooked or eaten. Now I feel sorry for it. I think we will be eating the meal without the QI. It would be cruelty to a QI to eat it.”

“I suppose you are right, What are you going to do with the QI?

“Put it in the fridge so that it will stay nice and fresh and live longer.”

RDP Tuesday: QI

Good Morning

This was not exactly sunrise, but a couple of hours later. It was a dull morning but I was not in a hurry as it is cleaning lady day, and I am usually later with a Good Morning. Now the sun is here and everything bathed in sunlight. The weather report said something about snow in the lowlands on Friday, but I have done my best to ignore it, perhaps it might not happen. It is cooler, but not Winter cold and I am making the most of it. Yesterday was supposed to be a rain free day, but even the meteorologists make mistakes, and so we had a drizzle now and again. However, I am now routined in my scooter rides and it no longer bothers me so much.

It was a bit dull when I entered the outskirts of town yesterday, but at least there were cloud formations. I think I am slowly becoming an expert on weather situations.

It is beginning to look like Christmas in town and yesterday the electricians were busy hanging the lights.

They were everywhere with their chair lifts to get up high enough. They are attached to the small trucks. I wonder how they did it before they existed: probably with ladders. Even our cathedral was witnessing the work in the background.

It was a short journey yesterday and really had only a few things to get, as I am off again this afternoon in the local store. I now go quite regularly, and I distribute my needs during the week. If I have a lot more to buy, I just do an online bulk buy and have it delivered. I am becoming a master of logistics. I do not even have it brought home to me by the young men of our collectors organisation, it is not longer necessary. I can bring it home myself, although my subscription is valid until next year in April. They were having problems with delivery because I did my shopping in the second half of the afternoon. I tried to do it after lunch, but then I had problems as I could not have my after lunch sleep. Now everything works perfectly. I go out every day for an hour in any case, even if I have no shopping. I need my excursion in the fresh air and seeing something different.

I noticed someone had been feeding the pigeons on my journey through town. There was an article in the newspaper that the town has employed a guy responsible for the bird life in town. He examines their nesting places in the varius towers and attics of buildings and makes sure that they remain pigeon and martin friendly. I love seeing them in own, and I must say they always look well fed.

The side streets is town were a little deserted. It used to be much more populated during the day, but so many factors have changed it all. First of all the old established shops were closing, people preferred visiting the larger stores outside town, Then of course we have Mr. Corona which made sure that we all stayed at home more and the result is this typical side street where it used to be more crowded and now empty.

And now I should move on, my cleaning angel has just left and I have a little cooking to do. Have a good day everyone, may the sun shine on you.