FOWC with Fandango: Outlandish

A door that is always closed and sealed is open. What outlandish place is this? Did someone forget to close the door? For some hundreds of years people have come and gone, but inside it all remains the same. Was it the ghouls and ghosts that forgot to close the door, but they do not need doors. They pass through them with no problem. It seems that the seasons happen behind the door, everything covered in Autumn leaves. And now I will move on, the screams and ghostly laughter are beginning and I will leave them to their own thing. They can only celebrate on one evening of the year.

FOWC with Fandango: Outlandish

Good Morning

I was expecting a little more this morning after our sunny day yesterday, but it seems that the mist has returned. Although everything is looking quite damp outside, it is not raining.

I think yesterday was a Friday where I did not go anywhere. It used to be my big shopping day for the week-end, but since life has become Covid my routine as adapted. My scooter was uploading and so I gave up and stayed at home, realising that I actually had all the food I needed at home and it could really wait another day for the few items I have to get. I compensated with a good after dinner sleep and felt refreshed for the remainder of he day.

My photography subjects are now more limited and so I make the most of what nature is supplying in various shades of Autumn in the surroundings.

My garden has a wonderful selection of greens and browns and a carpet of fallen leaves.

I was left with the TV yesterday after Mr. Swiss retired and they were again showing the second film of “Independence Day”, “The resurgence” where the extra terrestrials decided to make another effort to take over the Earth. The last time I watched an hour and then had to hug my bed. This time I decided to persevere and stayed up until midnight and watched the whole film. It might not be everyone’s taste, but I enjoyed it, especially the last scenes where the Queen of the attackers died a slow death when the Amicans finally destroyed here protective shield.

She looked a bit like this insect that I discovered in my laundry room yesterday evening when I was emptying the washing machine. I think it was two spiders engaged in a battle, or just clinging onto each other in their last moments: a meeting of the third kind, so I just had to get a photo.

Anyhow back to the film. Why is it always the Americans that save the world with their elite troop? All of them were honest men and the president was the best. He could even fly their space craft with no problem, as could his daughter and a few other heroes. They even showed that when earth has a common enemy, all group together and it becomes a place of peace with no more war. What an utopia.

And now back to reality and I will be again fighting my battle in the store today, but no big stress. It seems that our online orders for food are also now on the increase again due to people staying at home in isolation. Delivery slots are now up to a week, sometimes two weeks. I still do my shopping myself, but like to place a bigger order now and again to make sure I have reserves in the worst possible event. It is all very well when our governments give their advice about staying at home in isolation and semi lock down, but the negative side of it all is expanding. I suppose I should be happy. Mr. Swiss was in my food stock room yesterday evening (the laundry room) and was astonished to see that I still had 60 rolls of toilet paper in reserve.

So now off to the Saturday morning chores. I have other things to do than sitting at the computer. Now for the week-end so make the most of it. I am now the masked warrior and wear it all the time when in town and not just in the store – you never know. Our cases are increasing daily. Yesterday there was a closer analysis of our area on the computer and I saw that up to now 5 cases of Corona have been registered in our 950 populated village, but none in the last couple of weeks, so I suppose we can look on the bright side in between.

FOWC with Fandango: Insatiable

Nothing special I know, but they take me back to my British childhood food days. There was no 5-star cooking at home, just basic working class english food. A solution for an evening meal now and again was beans on toast. White beans in a tomato sauce from the tin. Not those in the photo, but in Switzerland it is difficult to get the original so-called baked beans as bought in England.

We had HP baked beans at home or sometimes Heinz basked beans. They were all advertised as being in a rich tomato sauce and they were. Unfortunately the only beans available in my part of Europe is an anaemic version and really need a tomato transfusion to make them tasty, so I add a portion of tomato puree to them.

This evening I am serving them with ham and egg and some toast bread of course. Just a Friday evening meal, nothing special and a kick off to the week-end.

FOWC with Fandango: Insatiable

RDP Friday: Anticipation

I was anticipating going for are trip to town on my scooter this afternoon in the wonderful sunshine. However, I forgot to upload the battery of my scooter yesterday evening. I only realised it at 5.30 in the early morning and as it needs at least approximately 9 hours at least it was still uploading at the beginning of the afternoon.

Everything has a positive side and so I set about ironing the bed linen, duvet and cushion covers, with a couple of my t-shirts this afternoon. Now everything is completed. Tomorrow is another day, I really do not have a lot to shop for and can enjoy another sunny afternoon tomorrow, as the weather report is telling me. I naturally accompanied my ironing session with some music. This time I switched to the station with Classic Rock instead of my usual soft music. I must say it really helped to get the ironing done in a good tempo.

So here is a sample of Slade with “Cum on feel the noize”, very good for the ironing rhythm:

I am sure we are now wide awake.

RDP Friday: Anticipation

Good Morning

This really woke me this morning when I opened the blinds and curtain stripes, the sun came shining through. I was blinded by the strength of the rays when taking the photo. It looks like it is going to be a good day today weatherwise.

Yesteday was dull and dreary. It stopped raining in the afternoon, but it still did not entice me to go anywhere.

I decided to bake a fruit cake. I still had some sultanas and orange and lemon pieces from the last cake, so combined it all and this was the result. It is supposed to be one of those cakes you can keep for a couple of days as it stays quite fresh. However, the way Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son were devouring it yesterday, I do not think it will live very long. My next cake adventure will probably be a pineapple cake. I used to make one now and again in my younger cake making days. I stopped baking for the last ten years, had no more interest really and just bought what I needed. I now have the time and my kitchen is quite well equipped with various machines and appliances, so I have started to bake now and again.

I was never really a person that liked to buy food that had been processed somehow, that is the same when I cook something. I like to make my own sauces, spice my food myself with my preferred mixtures and use my home grown herbs from the garden. Now that Winter is upon us I can buy the grown herbs in the store which is second best. Although I have a collection of various vegetables in my freezer, I prefer to cook fresh veg if possible and keep the frozen for emergencies when the weather is bad or for some reason I cannot get to the store. I just enjoy cooking and also like to watch the various TV programes with their cooks and ideas.

It looks like the birds are returning for some Winter feeding. This photo is from last year although I spotted a great tit this morning outside but was not quick enough with my camera. I have no bird food yet, the stores are not yet selling it and I like to get it in big bags. I suppose the idea is that the birds can still find their own food outside.

I was up at 5.00 am this morning as I am planning on a scooter journey to town today for some shopping and suddenly remembered I should upload the battery to my scooter. I usually do it in the evening and leave it to charge through the night, but forgot. It has now been charging for the last 4 hours and it should be OK by mid morning. There are so many things to think of sometimes.

It really looks like I will now be masked when I visit the town. That is the latest recommendation by our government and when it is a market day or morning, you must wear a mask. That is Saturday morning and the second Monday in the month all day for the big market. It seems police will be stationed to caution the non mask wearers and if you insist on not wearing a mask you will be faced with a fine from the public prosecutor and that can be very expensive.

Like all of us, I am thinking when will this all be at an end.

It will already by halloween for many on Saturday but not so much for the Swiss. There are a few single groups that might enjoy a costume party but that is now finished completely. Tricking and treating was never a reason here, so it will not be missed very much. We do have a holiday on 1st November for All Saints day which is custom to visit the departed in the cemetery but as it is on a Sunday this year it will be a normal Sunday. It is one of the fewer days when the cemetery has quite a lot of people. I suppose we will have to wear a mask. I will probably take a wheelie through the cemetery on Sunday to visit the action.

And now to the daily chores. I have quite a bit of ironing to do from the bed linen change this week, otherwise no great jobs. Have a good Friday, may it be a safe one, and no stress. I had a look in my garden yesterday and found that the leaves are now falling thick and fast. Looks like I will have to get busy with the broom at the week-end and recruit No. 1 son to help.