Good Morning

A cold misty morning, so it can only get better. If today is like yesterday, there will be sun sometime in the afternoon. I am not planning anything for this morning outside. I have already done my bird duty by filling the feeder and with a little extra on the side.

Yesterday I decided to have a day at home. It was Sunday, not very much happening and with our voluntary lockdown there are few people on the streets of the town. I kept myself busy with baking a cake. I had meaning for so long to bake one of my favourites, a pineapple cake, but it seemed to be doomed. You have to mix crushed rusks (sort of hard baked bread known as Zwieback in German). The idea would be to squash the hard slices of bread with a rolling pin, although the result might not be so good. Now I have my machine and in a couple of minutes the rusks became a fine mixture of crumbs. I could now use my new hand machine for mixing the cake and it is perfect. I can even adjust the speed on this one, a new development. I soon had the cake in the oven, and afterwards decorated it with some pineapple pieces I had prepared by cooking them in a sugar syrup. Now all we have to do is eat it. I think I get the most fun out of trying out my new machines.

Mr. Crow arrived again today to take the choice of the breakfast table. I knew what he was after.

He eventually got his walnut and afterwards flew off to crack it open and enjoy the nut inside. Crows are very clever birds and adept at opening nuts. This is a really big crow and I am sure it is the chief.

Today was looking a little complicated with shopping as it meant visiting three different places: the supermarket for groceries, the other supermarket to replenish the smoker’s wishes, and in between the chemists for both Mr. Swiss and I. I discovered this morning that I am very low on my diabetes tables, and only have a few of the stronger variety which I only need once a day. However, I can halve them for during the day. No chemist stocks them, and I have to order them in the morning to get them on the same day. However I can get through until tomorrow and Mr. Swiss said he also has enough medicine until tomorrow, the cigarettes also will be enough. This means that I can organise it all today and do the shopping in the store along the road which simplifies matters. I would then have enough time to deal with the rest tomorrow.

I spent the evening with Vera Lynn yesterday. The Brits were celebrating armistice day in remembrance of the last two world wars and Vera Lynn was the lady that had success with her songs of the time.

She died recently at the age of 103. I quite enjoyed the programme yesterday, not really my sort of thing, but I remembered all of the songs she sang from the good old days. She was even a success in the States it seems. Her origins were in the same part of London as myself, which made it more interesting.

And now to move on. It seems Mr. Trump has still not realised that he is no longer and will no longer be the boss. I read that even certain members of his family are having doubts about his mental health, although that is nothing new for me. In my mum’s words “there are more out than in” and he is one of the main examples.

So let us take the week as it comes, we are living in the days that will make history and our great great grandchildren will probably have to learn all about it in the school books of the future. Perhaps our Covid problems will be recorded as the great plague of the 2020’s. The Brits are still talking about the great plague of London from 1666, so you ever know.