RDP Wednesday: Flora

My computer is full of flora
An explosion of colours, a real aurora
They are fighting for room on my computer screen
In many different colours, although the leaves remain green
As they cannot talk, I don’t always know their names
This one is a celosia with colours resembling flames

I was not sure of this one, looking very vivid
And then it jumped upon my hand and said it was a triffid
It began to nibble on my thumb which really made me cower
The next morning when I awoke the thumb became a flower
Beware of the flowers you choose, better to stick with a daisy
You know what you have in your garden, it will not drive you crazy

RDP Wednesday: Flora

Good Morning

Not such a good welcome to the new day. It is raining, and has been the whole night. According to the weather report the rain will probably stay today, although perhaps it might clear in the afternoon. Yesterday I had no chance to go anywhere, it was too wet. I decided to make the most of the situation and at last dealt with my monthly order online. It reminded me of the good old days when I was motorised and would visit the store in the next village which really had everything. Online they also have everything, but now delivery slots are again getting complicated due to Mr. Covid. I was lucky to find one for tomorrow, otherwise it would have been 17th November. I do not order meat or veg, but prefer to get that myself in the store. That is usually something I cannot wait for two weeks to have.

Today I have a shopping trip planned in town, looks like it will be a wet one. I noticed my eggs are now in short supply, so tomorrow I will visit the farm across the road to get some fresh ones where they really have nice brown eggs. I realised when I bought the last eggs, that the stores rarely have the brown eggs. Basically there is no difference in taste and eggs are eggs, but they do look so good.

These are the laying hens, the farm has about 250 of them, and they are free range living outside and in their own appartment house on wheels as they please, so I know my eggs are always fresh.

In my attempt to brighten up the daily meals, I decided to make a pumpkin soup yesterday evening. I had bought a large piece in the supermarket. I am really on a do-it-yourself trip at the moment in the kitchen. I chopped the pumpkin into small pieces, and cooked it in a vegetable bouillon to get it softer. Afterwards I crushed it all with my mixer and then thickened it a little with some cornflower. I then let it cook for a while and eventually added some cream to it. Mr. Swiss was a little suspicious at first but came back for more which he rarely does with soup. My No. 1 son eats everything, but he finished off the pot. It seems to have been a success and Mr. Swiss found it super and I could make that again. I so like eating food I make myself and am never keen on ready made soup powder. I discovered it is no big deal when you have the machinery to go with it and you know what you are eating. I have not yet decided on my next soup adventure: perhaps a vegetable soup, even a tomato soup, although I have not yet found a recipe for that.

It seems that our new covid cases were a little less yesterday. Does this perhaps mean that we are now over the second hill in the statistics? That would be a wonderful sign, but we must be patient. I have now come to the conclusion that socialising with others is the main cause and not taking care, but I am no doctor. And now I am on my way like our local rain in the photo which passes through the village every half hour.

And now to investigate what is to be done in my apartment. Today’s menu in a Waadtländer Sausisson (a Swiss sausage) with lentils, again something new and not so complicated.

Keep safe everyone, and may the weather be with you, but not as wet as we have it at the moment.