RDP Friday: Eyerolling

I was leaving the store this afternoon and heard such a commotion at the entrance and there he was: a little dog, but making a very loud noise. His mistress had tied him at the entrance as dogs are not allowed in the stores, and he was not wearing a mask either. He had the record of yaps per minute and probably in decibels also. He was making his point with the volume of the voice.

Suddenly all was quiet, the most important person in this little dog’s life arrived and his day was saved. I was not sure who was doing the eye rolling, but I think everyone who walked past this little dog was doing it.

RDP Friday: Eyerolling

Good Morning

It is not often that I get such a lovely photo of the sun rising. this photo was around 08.30 a.m. , so it looks like it will be a nice sunny one today. Yesterday was also a good day and even warm enough not to wear my gloves. When you are travelling by scooter, the wind tends to blow.

Yesterday I took the shorter stretch to the new store they had built along the road, just a 15 minute drive by scooter. Before I left I met a neighbour in the garage. Her parents, that live in the same block, are also golden oldies and are now in lockdown due to the virus. They do not have it, but are being very careful. Again I was told that I am doing the best thing by going out and not isolating myself and I must say it is true. My daily trips just to the store, or perhaps locally, are something I look forward to and as long as I can do it I am glad.

There is not much to see on this route, just the main road, but I noticed that the sky was looking good in the afternoon.

The birds were visting again. I placed some food a little nearer to my look out in the kitchen and was rewarded by a few visitors making the most of what was on offer.

There was also a meeting at the water bowl. Eating and swallowing bird seed is thirsty work it seems.

Today I will be off again. I have some shopping to do, but again an opportunity to get out into the wide world. Mr. Swiss is off to a check up at the dentist this morning. The work is now finished and it is really just a control to see that all is good.

I will be busy in the apartment again, but it keeps me going. I had a bit of a semi shock this week when I went shopping. I like to take photos on the way with my iPhone and suddenly it told me I only had 20% power. I always have the live camera switch on on the photo app and that needs more power and I had been iPodding all morning listening to music on it. I usually do an upload for a few minutes before going anywhere, but had forgot Even iPhones have their limits and as it is the only method of communication I have with Mr. Swiss when I am on my way I was not happy about it. I realised how important it is to have a method of communication when I am on my way, especially being slightly handicapped. Life has really become an online world for me.

Yesterday evening was quite interesting. I was watching TV, Mr. Swiss reading on his iPad and suddenly I heard music. At first I suspected Mr. Swiss and his iPad but he switched it off and then we both heard that someone was singing with the accompaniment of an electric guitar outside. I opened the blinds in the kitchen and went outside on the porch. We were all being serenaded by a singer. My neighbours were also listening on the balcony and it was quite professional, really good. In between the songs the singer explained that he would have been giving a concert with his group in the local town, but it was called off, like so many concerts, due to corona. He then decided to go to an area where he would have a audience and I found it a good idea. He sung some good songs, very good guitar accompaniment and when he finished a song he was getting applause from the surrounding balconies. What a good idea I thought. Who knows, perhaps it might become a regular thing, local concerts in the open air and safe from Mr. Covid. I managed to take a photo of the singer, but not a very good one. I have not yet uploaded it, but he was at a a distance and the street lights were blurring the photo. However, today I will have a look to see how it turned out.

And now time to go and deal with the daily tasks. I also have some ironing to do from the bed linen I washed yesterday. Have a good one, may it be without problems. I wonder if Mr. Trump is now counting the nights left for his sleepovers in the White House.