FOWC with Fandango: Anticipate

Today I did my online large order from the store. I usually do it once a month, but if necessary I can do it more. It is not really as easy as it sounds as I have to be careful not to forget anything.

And now, at last, they have bird food on the available items to buy, a five kilo bag. I ordered two bags as it is not something I can easily fetch from the store. The birds are now gathering and anticipating the Winter feeding time, mostly crows, and me and my camera are anticipating a few photos.

FOWC with Fandango: Anticipate

RDP Tuesday: Tenterhooks

One of the local bridges is hanging on tenterhooks, but for many years now, although I remember when the bridge was built. It even marks the change from our Kanton of Solothurn to that of Bern – see shield with Berns traditional Bear sign on it on the borderline.

I took the photo in our driving days when Mr. Swiss was at the steering wheel and I was the passenger taking photos on the way. Those days are now gone, but the photos remain.

And now the tenterhooks left are those wondering who will win the election over the pond. I had a wake up call today in a conversation with someone. The first person I had spoken to that was absolutely against Joe Biden and she had her reasons. I must admit I was only stunned by the idiot with the orange hair and did not really examine the character of Joe Biden, but it seems he is no angel. My opinion about the orange faced idiot has not changed, but I now feel a little insecure. I just hope the best for America.

RDP Tuesday: Tenterhooks

Good Morning

I got here eventually. Tuesday is always a little later due to the cleaning lady seeing to my kitchen, bathroom and shower and me polishing up the windows. I just do not like dirty windows. Now everything is almost bright and shiny and dinner is cooking, so what could be better.

Yesterday afternoon I was in town for some shopping and it was really a wonderful afternoon. The sun was shining and we had 22° C. Some people were wearing short sleeves and even short trousers, although when you ride a scooter it can get quite breezy so I decided to stay with the jacket and wrap up warm. I also noticed that two flies appeared. I thought we were now fly free until next year, but it seems the warm weather has encouraged them to have a premature birth.

The restaurants still have seating outside, but you see less people. I had to make an extra excursion to the chemist for Mr. Swiss, picked up his medicine, and then to another store where they sell what he needs for a smoke. This afternoon I will also be in town, but with no great shopping to do. I finished my bottle of white cooking wine this morning so will have to replenish it, also in another store, although I have a reserve large bottle in my store in the cellar. I like to use wine for meat dishes to enrich the taste.

I had to send No. 1 son to the post office to return a parcel. I ordered a vegetable chopping machine which also does a few other things from my online cookery site and discovered it did not work: had no electric connection. The company said I could exchange it in the store that supplies them, but our particular store is in another village and without a car I cannot get there. I was then sent labels to return it (free of postage) and I got the replacement. However, this one had the same problem, so the carousel of returning it started again. I told them I do not want another new one and have returned it. I have now ordered one from another manufacturer who I know are a reliable company and hope this time I will be lucky.

I suppose I cannot go without a comment about the voting in the States. I could say may the best man win, but honestly speaking there is no great choice. Trump is a clear case of the wrong man in the wrong place. I have also heard a few negative remarks about Biden. The world is changing and not in a good way.

I am now off, my family will otherwise go hungry. May you have a good day, keep safe.

The weather really did supply a great light yesterday over our local mountain range.