Good Morning

That is what I call an action sky. Some active clouds with a bit of blue in between and even the sun reflecting in the distance. I did not feel so lively this morning, but nevertheless dragged myself out of bed.

And then I discovered an intruder in the kitchen. I always open the window as the first action of the day and our little visitor who owns one of the neighbours, decided to have a look around to see if there was anything worth eating, as I do tend to feed him a few tit bits when he appears outside during the day. However, cats are an inquisitive species. Mr. Swiss called me yesterday afternoon to say he thought our departed Tabby was on a visit from her tenth life, but we soon realised it was this feline that had discovered our apartment. He just takes a walk around sniffing here and there, and not doing any damage. I should really contact this neighbour. She lives just across the path and I do not know her.

I really do not mind this visitor, but it might be a good idea to let her know his escapades.

Otherwise I did a short journey to the supermarket along the road yesterday afternoon. I really did not have a lot to buy, although I wanted some fresh bread. Also a new development of my shopping system. I used to buy bread for two days supply, but sometimes you can overbuy and no-one really enjoys old bread. Now I buy it daily, and am making sure that I have enough frozen as a reserve. I am really becoming a model housewife but am enjoying my new adventures in the kitchen. Today I noticed a machine for making your own spätzle. For those that do not know what it is, I found this link


I usually buy it ready made, but I am always suspicious of ready made food. To make it yourself is quite laborious, but this machine is known as a lightening machine and there is also a video on the web site. It looks worth the risk and I just love those little machines that help.

I always pass this lovely house when I travel along the road to the store.

There are also a few fields at the side on the railway tracks on the way.

I was quickly finished with my shopping and soon home. I was not planning to go anywhere today. There was even a snowfall prophesied in the area, but no sign of the white stuff thank goodness. On the contrary, a little rain during the night, but now cold and promising. I might even tempt an excursion into town today, just for the fun of it.

I at last got around to ordering our new jersey sheets online yesterday. Four complete new sets, as the others really were quite perforated from cat’s claws.

And that’s that really. My last action yesterday evening was watching an ancient film with Fred Astaire, Easter Parade. It was kitsch at its best, but the songs and dance routines were good, brought me back to the old days of cinema.

So have a good one, the week-end is again looming on the horizon.