RDP Thursday: Green


What do you do when you need green. There are various possibilities. Open the door go out and see the grass growing, or watch if there are any leaves on the tree. I decided to go on a search for green in the local supermarket. I was planning on a shopping trip to get me out of the house for a while.

The first thing that greeted me in the store was the new Spring arrangements and to be quite honest the same as they have done for the past five years. The warped stylish green metal container with the wonderful pink Plastic flower branches. Come on, I am sure you can do better than this. So I moved onto the vegetable and fruit selection.


It’s approaching the courgette season and there they were, all in rows, ready for the next ratatouille: at leat that is what I do with them, adding aubergine, peperoni and tomatoes


And of course adding some fresh basil leaves to spice it up.


I even found some nice fresh limes if you want to get a sharper taste into your food.

I decided enough is enough: everything seemed to be infused with a green highlight today and it was a good opportunity to try out my new iPhone camera which worked perfectly. I have had such a miserable week: first of all a new car battery, then I lost my mobile phone, but make the most of it. I have a new phone, my dream phone and I even had the choice of getting a midnight green one, but I stayed with silver.

RDP Thursday: Green

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