FOWC with Fandango: Gambit


The idea is to remove all the balls after the other by jumping over a ball into the empty space and removing them one by one. The game is called solitaire as you play it alone. Can you do it? There is only one way to the final solution and I know it, at least I did, but have forgotten in the meanwhile. You are sacrificing the balls constantly, but if you are clever, you have the advantage of clearing the board.

Usually they are little plastic toys, but this one has a solid wooden base with real marbles and was a gift we were once given on a visit to Marrakesh in Morocco.

FOWC with Fandango: Gambit

RDP Wednesday: Flexible


Te older you get, the more flexible you must be. Certain changes in the body mean you begin to search online for aids and assistance to facilitate your life style, web sites for the handicapped. I have already passed this stage, but now we have a new virus and it seems that no-one really knows what to do with it, Our governments are running around like headless chickens, but they are trying to help and find solutions. The latest news from our government is that the emphasis will be placed on golden oldies.

This is very considerate, especially as it seems they are more prone to complications. I would say that I am feeling OK at the moment, no dry cough or other symptoms and I am doing all I can to stay this way. It seems that one of the most important contributions to staying healthy is to wash your hands: not just a normal dangle under the tap, but a thorough cleaning process for at least 20-25 seconds. Of course soap is necessary, but why settle for just soap when you can use hand sanitiser.

About a year ago I bought a bottle on the advice of Mr. Swiss but personally I never used it.  He used it from time to time but in the meanwhile moved on to something to apply to the hands after washing, alcohol based. Today I went on a quest to the stores to buy another bottle of sanitiser and to replenish Mr. Swiss special alcoholic solution, after all the government were recommending it.

I arrived at the store, got my groceries and moved onto the drug store department. I was confronted with emptiness. There was not one bottle of anything to be seen: nothing, rien, nichts, de nada. I am now clinging onto my remaining half filled bottle of this priceless liquid. I am convinced that I am one of the only in our area, perhaps in our Kanton, even Switzerland, that possesses this precious liquid.

As I was leaving the supermarket I was greeted at the parking space by a lady that actually works in the store at the cash desk. We had a conversation and she said that for a long while there have been no more deliveries of this liquid. She is especially annoyed, as she said that handling money all day at the till is really unpleasant. I would say before our brilliant government wants to help and support the golden oldies, they should make sure that they can realise their promises.

RDP Wednesday: Flexible

Good Morning


The sun did decide to show this morning, but not very long – too many clouds in the way. although it looks like a promising day and at least no rain.

I decided to refresh the bed linen today, although it is usually a Thursday job. I have an appointment with my autistic son at the clinic tomorrow just after midday and decided with tomorrow’s stress I do not need to change the beds as well. What’s done is done. I also have a shopping day today if the stores still have food to sell. The appointment is just after lunch, so there will be no lunch for my son and I as I have to be on the road to pick him up and get to the clinic. It is not so far away, but I cannot fit everything in with eating as well. I will prepare it all in the morning and Mr. Swiss can eat his. I can warm ours up when we arrive back at home afterwards in the earlier afternoon. How I hate these things that are a disturbance to my routine.

There is a general panic at the moment, everyone buying because they are sure that there will be nothing at home when we are all living in isolation due to the new virus. It is clear that it is a threat, as we know nothing very much about it. Some are even saying that when the weather gets warmer it will give up the ghost. Now it seems that everyone is ordering groceries on line and stocks are getting low. Personally I have not noticed these problems myself when I go shopping.


Now something to brighten up the day. I noticed these crocus growing in my front garden yesterday. I must have plated them many years ago, but they still arrive every year.


I also had this wonderful pair of birds visiting for food yesterday. When the sparrows are away, the others will play. There is a tit on the left and a chaffinch on the right. I have just discovered in internet that in the States the tits are known as chickadees. I have often heard the word and now I know what they actually are. They were quite a colourful pair.


The chickadees, or tits are the only birds that like to feed from my birdhouse They usually sit in the tree opposite and now and again hop over and return to the tree afterwards to eat in peace.

Enjoy the day everyone, make the most of it. I am now off to finish my bed making session with a little help from Mr. Swiss and afterwards a bit of this and that in the apartment. In the meanwhile enjoy my lenten rose which I discovered this morning in the garden: another one of the early Spring greetings.