FOWC with Fandango: Amount


I discovered that keeping yourself busy with various tasks tends take your mind off the attack from hovering objects in the air .  Our local supermarket chain has various campaigns now and again, and the latest is to encourage our gardening talents. I suppose it is mainly aimed at the kids, but we are all kids at heart, at least I am.

According to the amount of money you spend you collect stickies for a card. When it is completely full you can get various gardening gifts. I already have two insect hotels, one in each garden: back and front. I have now progressed to the little pots for growing your own seeds. They are so well made: a plastic lined paper bag with compressed earth and three sorts of seeds. Just pour water on the earth and in five minutes it swells up and you can deposit the seeds on it. I prepared mine this afternoon. Parsley, basil and garden cress are the selection. It is very well made with a wooden container and even wooden pegs to write the name of the seeds. I still have enough of the stickies to get a set of small garden tools and perhaps another collection of seed pots.

Little things please little minds, and I now have a new project.

FOWC with Fanndango: Amount

Good Morning


It’s the usual sunrise photo of the day. they are all beginning to look the same, but this is really from this morning. My first action of the day is to go outside and see what the world looks like. At least the hairy peas floating around have not taken that from us – yet. I still have the feeling I am living in a science fiction film and waiting for Dr. Who to arrive with the police telephone cabin or even Han Solo. Mr. Spock would also be a good alternative. At least his ears would be big enough to hear what I have to say. Instead we are left with a reality trip of self isolation and empty streets.

Yesterday I had to go shopping again. I am sure if I searched long enough I would find someone to do it for me, but do I want someone to do it for me? I feel OK at the moment.I know I belong to a risk group, but my local big store is now practically empty as the entrance is controlled. People also seem to have changed their routine and no longer flock in their masses to the shops in the morning. Perhaps the only sensible reason to go out is on a hunting trip for food. I drove through almost empty roads yesterday and the usual waiting times at the various road crossings are no more. The only time I had to stop was for a red light. When I arrived at the store the parking places were showing over 100 empty on the illuminated indicator. Usually there are only 40-50 free. I drove to my row of 6 places for handicapped and there was only one other car parked there. It is almost looking like a ghost town.


When I entered I have to get a card as they count how many are in the store. We are only allowed one person per 10 square meters. Now it has been modernised and at the entrance they have a computer operated by an assistant, showing how many people are in the store. I seemed to be No. 110. Note the alcohol dispenser for your hands when entering. There is also a dispenser when leaving.

When the people left they were clicked again on another computer, so everything under control. Although 110 people seems a lot it is a very large area and we are quite well distributed. Everyone is carefully keeping out of the way of the others. To be quite honest, if it wasn’t for the inconvenience of the floating virus, shopping has never been so comfortable. And surprise! Tinned tomatoes are back on the shelf after two weeks. There were at least 100 there when I arrived. It seemed that many had already been sold.  I never thought they would appear again. I was planning for spaghetti today and now I have my “pelati”.

I also did a bit of stocking up on frozen stuff as I now have enough room at home with my new freezer chest. Probably through lack of something better to do I am developing a logistic sense of housekeeping. Mr. Swiss was crying out for something sweet when I left home, he seems to think that is the main support of survival, so I got a selection of biscuits to keep him happy. When I got home another quiet drive, I first of all change into something more comfortable. Whilst I was changing Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son unpack the shopping and distribute it in the kitchen cupboards, I then had a cupboard overflowing with tins of tomatoes and biscuits. I instructed No. 1 son to take some down to the laundry room, where I now have a special table for extras.. In times of siege, you have to adapt. Mr. Swiss was rather disappointed when he saw I had removed a few packets of biscuits, but was content when I told hime they were not far away, and only in the laundry room. I am really discovering a new side of my husband after 50 years marriage. Food addictions are now becoming obvious.

And so a new way of life continues. I am still feeding my birds outside, although I know I should not. It is now Spring and they can find their own food. However I love to watch them arriving in front of the kitchen window. I have never had such fat sparrows and the crows also seem to be growing. Perhaps they are really getting too much food.


I have a day at home today, no shopping to do. I am a bit reluctant to go anywhere at the moment, although apparently there is no danger in the fresh air, especially if you meet no-one which is easily done here. It is a small village and the golden oldies are mainly staying at home. I am sure I will find something to do with my time at home, otherwise there is always a computer. After my exertions yesterday cleaning the fridge and freezer, there is not very much left to do. Perhaps I could create a stock taking list of biscuits and frozen goods to see what I have.


Life is not such fun at the moment, for no-one. I think it must be the first time in history that all of us have one common enemy. I wish you all a good day, in spite of it. And I would say a big thank you to all those that are out in the world working for us all, whether in the medical profession or a shop assistant. They are all helping to keep our lives together.