Good Morning


I nearly did not make it this morning, but decided to arrive all the same, although I will not be here long. I have been very busy and am now at last relaxing with my breakfast and a cup of tea, and the computer of course.

As you may or may not know, I now have a freezer chest that is installed in my laundry room. I decided it was time to have more room for extras and reduce my shopping days. Of course I have a fridge and also a freezer in my apartment and decided it was time to defrost and have a nice clean beginning to it all. Also we all have plenty of time for such things, being in isolation and having nothing better to do. I was planning to do the job through the morning, a little bit here and some there, but naturally when I began I continued until it was finished. the fridge was no problem, as that does not have North Pole Ice and a comfortable place for a polar bear to hang out. The deep freezer was something completely different and the ice was everywhere. And so I began. First of all I removed the content to the freezer chest in the cellar, sorting it on the way. It was not really so bad, although a few things were dated with expiry date some time in 2019.


And 2 hours later, this was the finished product. I was so proud of my efforts, that I just had to take a photo. The top half is the normal fridge and the freezer is at the bottom. I made the great “switch on” afterwards and everything was functioning again. My kitchen floor was under water now and again but that is also now dry.

And now to move on to the normal daily work with a satisfied feeling, knowing that I can forget the fridge story for a few months, or was it a year the last time I defrosted it all.

This afternoon I will be breaking my isolation and again go on a safari to the store hoping to capture a few items for my new frozen life.

I hope your day will be less stressful than mine has up to now. And with a view of the local mountain I will now move on to more relaxing work.