RDP Friday: Isolate

St. Urs. 11.12.2018

This afternoon I went shopping for the week-end. A normal event on Friday, but I now have to ask myself what is normal. People were moving around in the store, but there was plenty of room. I had my list of items to get for the week-end meals. This time I was buying a little more. The world (and not just a few annoying nations with their political problems) is in a turmoil. Nothing is how it was.

I saw empty shelves in the supermarket, nothing drastic. If you wanted to get a few canned items forget it. They had all been sold out. Canned food is not something that I often have on my list. I like to make fresh vegetable. There are a few exceptions where I would buy frozen, but my freezer, although large enough for my family, is not king sized.

We are not under the threat of a 3rd World war with atom bombs. The enemy is smaller than a pint point with hairs. it flies through the air and settles where it finds a reason to thrive and goes under the name of Covid 19.. I was just listening to our government with the newest tactics. Schools stay closed until the end of April and restaurants are not allowed more than 50 persons at once including staff. Listening to the Swiss government was quite interesting, as we got it in French, Italian and German from the various ministers. So we all live on in isolation and hope that one day we can shake hands again.

RDP Friday: Isolate

Good Morning


It is not a bad morning although could be a little better. At least we see a patch of blue sky and I managed to leave my bed to see it. I have now learned to appreciate the little things during the day. We are now all under pressure from the virus. Will I get it? will I survive if I do? How strong will it be for me as a golden oldie with a few “underlying” problems, whatever they are? So many uncertainties.  This thing does not go by unnoticed. Everyone is panic buying mode which does not really astonish me. I have joined them, not just panic, but as long as I can go to the store with the car and as long our stores still sell fresh goods every day I have decided to just buy a little more every day: pasta, some canned goods, lentils etc. and yes, even toilet rolls, although as long as we have water from the tap we would even survive without the toilet rolls.  I just realised how much it would really need to keep a 3 person family happy with food if you would be isolated for two weeks, although I have a feeling if the flying peas with with stalks would hit you, eating is not the priority you would have. Thank goodness our governments have everything under control, or do they?


In the meantime let us have something a little more cheerful. I had noticed my crocus in the front garden were now ready to flower and thanks to my new iPhone 11 Pro with its super camera, I manage to get this photo. I am really enjoying this new camera experience. With the 10x zoom on the lens I can really get a close photo without having to bend closer and I find the quality is great. Of course it was not a cheap telephone, but not only do I now have a qualitative camera but all the other accessories on the phone.  I am really only using this camera at home at the moment. Another advantage is that I can upload the photos direct to my app on the phone and less than a minute later I have them here.


I took this photo of the visiting chickadees just now as they landed on my bird house in front of the kitchen window.

Otherwise life goes on. It is already Friday again and I have not yet made my week-end shopping list, not really knowing what we want to eat. Mr. Swiss has already added his sweets and various candies on the list, but I do not think we would survive on them. I have not made any plans for the week-end, but week-ends for a golden oldie and really nothing special. I am glad to be at home with my computer and do a bit of this and that.


Of course the crows have returned this morning and managed again to get an action photo of a crow take off with a walnut in its beak. So enough photography,  I just love my new telephone toy.

I am now off to the daily chores and if things carry on as they are, I will be doing my week-end shopping in a relaxed atmosphere at the supermarket. I must say an actual panic buying we do not seem to have and the shelves are well packed in the store. It just seems to me that there are less people around, although in our area we do not have so many infected as in the large towns of Zürich or Bern.

And so enjoy the day and look after yourselves: wash hands and you know the routine by now. Actually my hands are getting just a little sore with so much washing.  I leave you with my shot of the garden daffodils this morning: at last I could get a close-up.