FOWC with Fandango: Suspense


Funny how things can change. I am not an easter person, actually I not not a person for religious festivals. I like a chocolate egg or chocolate rabbit, just as much as I like a piece of Christmas pudding., but there are now more important things than Easter to keep us busy. We are not mixing, avoiding meetings of too many people and the Easter bunnies and eggs are just sitting in the stores waiting to be bought.

I never liked the Easter holiday: shops shut on Friday and Monday, with just the Saturday in between for buying food. And then you have to get all the bits and pieces to keep the kids happy. This year I have a feeling it will not be such a big thing and at last I can enjoy an easter holiday without all the stress.

The only suspense involved will be to know if by 12th April our world will be as it had been for many years, without a toilet roll famine or panic buying in the stores.

Easter Duck
FOWC with Fandango: Suspense

RDP Monday: Flounder


Floundering has become my hobby
My memory is letting me down
I was searching for my telephone
It really made me frown
Eventually I found it, laying in the car
In the meantime I bought a new one
This problem has gone too far
When I enter the store
They give me an entrance card
I must keep it ready at all times
And so I stay on guard
When my shopping is finished
I have to give it back
It is then I start to search
Because I am losing track
I was searching for my door key
Something had gone unplanned
When suddenly I saw it
I was holding it in my hand
Now is the time for memory training
To make my brain more sounder
Where did I put my memory
I am really beginning to flounder
These ducks are behind a fence
I suppose to keep them in
That would be my best solution
To stop this stupid spin

RDP Monday: Flounder

Good Morning


It is a bit cloudy and very cold, but it can only get better and I am sure there will be some sun eventually. Otherwise it is very quiet here. We usually hear the traffic on the main road from our local town of Solothurn as it passes through, but that is now at a minimum. People are working a home when possible and movement has been reduced. Today I am on my third day of isolation, although I am feeling fine more or less and so is Mr. Swiss. His life is almost in permanent isolation. My No. 1 son is also at home today so we are all isolating.

I was checking on the Internet to see how the various Coronus cases are developing in Switzerland. Of course they are increasing, but I found a map showing the various Kanton/State statistics. Our Kanton of Solothurn have 8 registered cases, where my No. 2 son lives they have 1, and in both Kantons no new reported cases. Sounds good, but I am not sure how accurate and up to date the statistics are. I also noticed that in all areas in Switzerland men are more subject to the infection than women.

This afternoon my freezer chest will be delivered so I will have more capacity for storing food. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going out on a plundering spree in the stores, but it is a comfort to know that we have food at home, should we really be in lock down. Up to now our government has said this will not be the case country wide but you never know what new ideas they might have. I really am having to adapt my shopping ideas. I always bought fresh and rarely frozen. Anyhow thank goodness for pasta, which is always a good reserve to have.


We still have our bird visitors outside and this little guy stopped for a few bites in the coconut shell.


I also saw this chaffinch pecking around. He did not venture to the peanuts as they are reserved for the big birds with the big beaks.

So what am I going to do today, at home. I was thinking about defrosting my deep freezer fridge in he kitchen as I will now have more space with the new chest. Otherwise I will be pottering around at home although I do not really have a lot to clean. Being a golden oldie and not having a great social life, I am fairly well up to date with my chores.

And so to move on. Make the most of it, no point in telling everyone to have a good day, we all have something in common at the moment, from Asia to the States via Europe. Our local mountains were looking good this morning when I too this photo from my front garden, nature is doing its best to help us with the situation.