FOWC with Fandango: Contemplate

Tree 14.03 (1)

There is a lot to think about lately. Our main parts have been detached, and so we must reorganise our thought process. That is not easy when you are a golden oldie and have worked all your life until the day when you are retired and the others do the work.

We are left with accomplished facts and so we have to get on with it. Daily life now has to be planned. It is now a fight for survival, especially if you live in a large town where everyone wants the same.  We are living in a science fiction movie and all those horrifying scenes we have seen of people fighting for food have become reality, although the authors were not always right. They should have shown fights for the last toilet roll, it would have been more realistic.

I almost feel guilty living out in the country in a small Swiss village where the cows and sheep say goodnight to each other. Even our stores have enough to sell, and there is no push or shove to buy your food. At first I was worried, especially as I am not so mobile, but up to now it is working OK. The roads are no longer so crowded, no-one has to go anywhere – except for the store and only 1 person per 10 square meters is allowed in the store. Up to now I have had no problem. There is plenty of room to move and keep your distance. I even get a free spray of disinfectant on my hands when entering. Stephen King, although I love your books and stories, you seem to have missed a few things out. It does not have to be a psychological drama, it can just be a case of supply and demand.

That tree would probably like to have its trunk again although it is probably already contemplating sending out a few new shoots. I only hope that when this Reality Science Fiction Show is over we have learnt something from it. We have cleaner air, the environment is slowly recovering from what we have done to it, and perhaps we could keep it that way, although people have short memories, and it will probably just be another chapter in the history books.

FOWC with Fandango: Contemplate

RDP Sunday: Hang On

Hanging Christmas Lights 06.11.2018

Do we have a choice. These two guys are hanging on. I think they were hanging Christmas lights in town. We are all suspended waiting to be released, so we just hang on. Let us try to forget the whole thing. It is Sunday afternoon, I am sitting in isolation, the sun is shining and everything looks fine. Am I wrong, or is the atmosphere and light somehow cleaner, clearer.

At the moment I am hanging on to get my new deep freezer. I think it is what you call it a chest freezer in english. I got a SMS this afternoon from the company delivering that they will bring it tomorrow afternoon between 1.00 and 3.00 p.m. so what could be better. I am not panic buying, but like to get prepared for an isolation. There is no need to panic buy here. There were a few symptoms a couple of weeks ago, but now people have realised that common sense can rule and we have enough food in the store. I was never a freezer type, always buy fresh goods, unless I might have some frozen fish or French fries,  but have never frozen my own veg or fruit and probably will not begin to: too much work. Just now and again get a special offer and have a stock of something for isolation times.

So have a good hanging on time everyone.

RDP Sunday: Hang On

Good Morning


The local Japanese Cherry Tree is making an impact on the scenery. At least we have something bright and friendly to begin the day with. It is a very cold morning and there is a cold wind blowing. I stopped hugging the bed at 7.40 and now it is already 9.15,  I ask myself where the time goes. There was laundry to fold and put away, the cat recycling tray to empty and the birds to feed. Afterwards I emptied the garbage in the kitchen and eventually made my frugal breakfast of two slices of bread and jam. I  then fired up the computer and here I am. Of course I stopped outside for a few minutes to see if there was anything worth a photograph. Our Japanese cherry tree seems to be occupying the local photos at the moment, but it only happens once a year. Soon the blossoms will disappear and the tree will just be sitting there in green until next year again in March.


My hyacinths have also begun to flower. I am quite proud of this one as it began as an offspring. It was just green leaves for a few years and the had a few meagre flower stalks afterwards. Now it is a fully sized hyacinth and arrives every year.


I also noticed that the fire bugs are gathering again in various places and I even saw a few pairs walking around attached to each other in their marital ceremony. I quite like these little creatures. They do no great harm and I think they mainly nibble at the roots of trees for food. They are the first insects to arrive in Spring and one of the last to go in Autumn.

Otherwise life goes on as normal. I again ventured into the supermarket yesterday. I decided to go straight after lunch as I had a few important food items to get that I had forgotten and being Saturday, was not sure if there would be crowds. It was so good to get out and even driving the five minutes to the store was relaxing. I saw perhaps 2 or 3 cars on the way and one or two people on the pavements. No-one was in a rush to go anywhere and the biggest surprise was at the store where there was plenty of space to move. I was greeted at the entrance by a young guy with a spray of anti coronus on my hands and a friendly laugh. I got my entrance card and could  begin to shop. Everything was well organised. They now even had disposable plastic gloves hanging where the fruit and veg is to wear when you take your pick. My shopping is now a little different to how it was. I am really not hamstering food and only buying what I need, but now and again get a little extra. I had a word with the butcher about getting mincemeat (for my spaghetti sauce mainly) and freezing it for later. He said no problem, and vacuumed it nice and flat in plastic. When I got home all I had to do was put it in the freezer for use at a later date. At the moment I am allowed to go shopping and to the chemist according to our government, no problem. Everything else is closed in any case. The lady at the cash desk told me that the police were making a regular appearance at the store to make sure the new hairy pea-coronus laws were being observed. In some places they are already issuing fines when they find that more than 5 people are in a group.

I cannot say things are improving although our Kanton remains stable in the new victims amount. We are lucky to be one of the less affected areas. In one Kanton, Uri, they forbid golden oldies to anywhere, even shopping. They were no longer allowed out. However, they was an outcry and after two days it was cancelled. It is one of the smallest Kantons in Switzerland and up to now have very few cases of the illness. Looking on the good side of a bad thing I am now getting used to the new shopping life and find it less stressful. There is plenty to choose from, perhaps a few items no longer available, but nothing life important. And driving is really smooth running. However I am glad to get back to isolation afterwards. I am now covered for food until next Wednesday and hope daily that this scourge will slowly disappear although it will take time.


And so I wish everyone a good Sunday, and all the mothers with their Sundays, although we will probably only be having contact at a distance – only virtual hugs this year.