Good Morning


The less said about this morning, the better: grey skies, rain and a wind blowing. Are we approaching doomesday? According to the reports about the world being attacked by the little red hairy peas, it could be. I have already washed my hands twice since I stopped hugging the bed and removed all the spent paper handkerchiefs from my bed. I don’t know how they get there, perhaps there is a battle going on whilst I am sleeping: hankerchief v. virus.

We are all housebound at the moment more or less, although I still have to venture into the outside world for a shopping trip. It seems going in the afternoon is better than the morning as there are really less people. The shelves were full and no sign of panic buying except for the sanitised hand washing liquids, but I have spoken enough about that, so the less said the better. And the masks? I have never ever seen one being sold.

And I really had to laugh about this one. It is one of our members of parliament who dared to wear a mask at a parliamentary  session. I will not mention names. Suffice it to be said that this lady is not one of my favourites, but I suddenly find her quite sympathetic. The powers that be did not find it so good and she is now forbidden to appear in parliament with the mask. She answered that in a place where so many people are present, at least 150, there is a risk. She has now made a concession and said that she will only attend the meetings were a vote is necessary where she will not wear the mask. Otherwise she will avoid the parliamentary room if she is not allowed to carry the mask. I wonder how long it will be before the others begin to wear their masks. It is all a bit paradox at the moment.

And now for something completely different, or is it?


Let us have a look at one of my orchids. No, two of my orchids.


WordPress reader seems to be full of orchid photos at the moment, so I though I would join. Of course they are wonderful flowers for a photo. I have had the one with the red centres since at least six weeks and it is showing no signs of decay. The white orchid is now two weeks in my possession and still looking happy. That is the nice thing about orchids. They might be a little more expensive than cut flowers, but they stay with you. The problem is I now have four other orchids that lost their flowers some time ago and I am waiting for them to make flowers again. I look after them, water once a week and fertilise now and again, but no flowers. However, the leaves look healthy and one even produced a new stalk.


Otherwise it is the same crows outside, making the most of what is to offer in food.

I will be away for the first part of the afternoon as I will be accompanying No. 2 son to the local clinic. He is autistic and now and again needs a routine check up. He is quite healthy and never really ill. I hope to be back in the second half of the afternoon. I will cook dinner and disappear. As it is spaghetti, I can warm it up when I return for me and son. Mr. Swiss can eat it when I cook it. I have to leave already at midday.

Otherwise enjoy the day, keep a distance to everyone and if you must, wear a mask.

Carnival Masks 09.02 (3)

There is a shortage at the moment, but I saw this one and I am thinking about it., I mean mask is mask.