Good Morning


I am trying to get back to the old routine, although it was a rough ride this week. At least it looks like a sunny day. At the beginning of the week I had to organise a new battery for my car and on the same day in the afternoon I lost my smartphone.  I was completely lost without it, realising how much I depend on it as my backup in life. I always have it with me and jot down reminders in it, my shopping list etc. etc. I know I had it when I arrived home from shopping after picking up my car from the garage, but where us it?

Cutting a long complicated nightmare short, I got myself a new phone. I have always had iPhone, the last was an iPhone X and so the new phone is an iPhone 11 Pro, meaning it has an improved camera with three lens. The guy at the shop fitted it all up for me and I still have the same telephone number thank goodness. I really did not want to send mails to all my telephone colleagues with a new number. I also organised it with face recognition  and a code and am now ready to go. I lost the WLAN connection yesterday for some unknown reason but also put that back together.

I had to organise my e-mail connection myself, but even managed to conquer that obstacle. I did ask Mr. Swiss, but he was absolutely no help, so like everything else I did it all by myself and am quite proud of myself. In between I was shopping. And now to continue with life as usual, at least I hope so. I just did not have the energy left to blog or write, I had to settle down.


I am a bit short on new photos at the moment, as I am still getting used to my new phone camera. I tried a close up this morning of this group of sparrows and must say it is certainly an improvement on the old camera and came out quite sharp for the distance. The phone camera is quite useful for quick shots whilst I am blogging, although at the moment there is not very much happening outside.

We are still fighting with the corona virus here, although our part of Switzerland is not so hard hit as in the Italian part bordering onto Italy. A few border crossings have been closed, but the border workers from Italy that work in Switzerland during the day are still allowed entrance. Mr. Swiss is getting worried as I am the only person in the family that mixes with others at the supermarket. However I noticed this week that shopping in the afternoon has much fewer people. The Swiss have now generally stopped shaking hands when they meet and often just a touch of two elbows is the new system.

I am thinking about stocking up on food at home, you never know if we all have shut down eventually. All I seem to have is pasta an a packet of lentils. Mr. Swiss finds I should now order the food to be delivered


As I am sitting here at the breakfast table in the kitchen these two crows landed outside so I chanced another long distance photo with my iPhone. It is really a good sharp photo for the 10x zoom factor and then they decided to fly away.


And I managed to capture them in flight. Taking photos with an iPhone is similar to a mini video (very mini) and you can choose the photo you want as standard. I naturally reeled it through to where they embarked on a flight. Although I was disappointed with losing my camera there is always a silver lining somewhere and this is it. Perhaps my phone might turn up again, but I will probably have it then adapted for Mr. Swiss to use.

And now to return to real life with all the trimmings of a vacuum cleaner and other chores. Keep well and safe, wash your hands regularly and drink enough. Hope to be back again today, although at the moment everything is a bit uncertain.


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good to hear from you Pat. What a week eh? Nwe have been going to our usual shopping mall each day, but for a few days now it has been much much quieter. You used to have to fight for a parking space but now there are loads. Hubby hasn’t been getting out of the car much, but we just go to see what is going on. This virus is scary, we have our groceries delivered. Scary times. Stay safe Pat. We all have to watch out now. We have one case in our town @0and the lady next door but one to us with her four kids (her hysband went off with another woman and she is so nice and such a good mum) is in self isolation. Yesterday they delivered her some food. Not sure what is going on there. The word “pandemic” is very scary. See you again soon.

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    • I also noticed that shopping is no longer such a stress, although I always go in the afternoon when there are less people. I also now have the pick of the parking spaces. Today it was really pleasant shopping. We have one case in our Kanton/State and the government are not saying exactly where. I keep searching for symptoms on me but am feeling OK. Just the suspicion is bad anough.

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      • Take care if yoursekf Pat. It really is awful thinking about if you have symptoms or not. It helps a but to talk about it though, the car park where wevgo in the shopping mall was very empty today.

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  2. So good to see you back. I was worried when there was no ‘Good Morning’ in my email yesterday. Might be a good idea to stock up on groceries, Pat. The heck with keeping the car battery charged for now. Take care of you and Mr Swiss.

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    • Good to be back in the old routine and hope it stays that way. I have my own laudry room with plenty of space an ar keeping the extra groceries down there. It is nice and cool.According to my statistics my new battery should last for a little more than a year, so what the heck. 🙂

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  3. Greetings, it was nice to see you are back. So far, Idaho doesn’t have a case of coronavirus. I have always keep a six months supply of food and it has saved us a couple of times. The new phone takes good pictures with my setup, I don’t have a phone. I am trying to get my blog going again. Stay safe.

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    • Glad to be back, although also not too bad to just do nothing. I am now building up my food reerves at home, you never know. At the mpment we would have to live on rice if anything happened.

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  4. It’s the same here. Sports are all shutting down, colleges, schools. We’re getting notes from banks and credit cards that if we are unable to make payments, to let them know. No one delivers food around here and there’s only so much we can stock up, but to the extent of our freezers, we’re trying to get in at least a week of food. We have extra dog and bird food, extra coffee — and the stock market has crashed. One basketball player was confirmed ill, they stopped the game in the middle and ended the season. Tom Hanks and his wife have tested positive. They are in Australia at the moment — and that’s where they are going to stay until they are allowed out.

    I don’t even know what to say except that this is some bizarre year!

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    • It’s difficult to know what to do. I went shopping this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I just cannot believe that I am feelig OK at the moment If you get the disease and have no underlying symptoms, then you can get away with it and be immune afterwards more or less. It is us golden oldies that seem to be the problem factors. The ice hockey season has now been closed here and there are no longer any events taking place. All I am getting in the post are notifications that various meetins have been cancelled


  5. Sometimes, I think it would be nice to lose the telephone. I miss the good old days when I went to meet with clients, and the telephone stayed on my desk. I started carrying a telephone because my colleagues wanted me to, but I would not answer it while I was with a client. My colleagues were annoyed by that; but my clients payed too much money for my time to contend with such interruptions.

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    • I can understand that. Even the normal telephone could be an annoyance when I was working. I ne Ed my mobile phone for a lot more than just a phone. As you get older your memory is no longer so reliable and it is a great help with all the extras

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