Good Morning


Here it is again, the sun has risen and the birds are singing. We are now getting a dawn chorus as the weather is now officially Spring. It would be nice to get out and enjoy it more, but being a golden oldie, I now feel like I am the member of a leper colony and my country, as many others, are saying to us “Stay at Home”, but I am still working on that one. Unfortunately groceries do not grow on my trees, although I do have two apple trees, but they are not even showing flowers at the moment, so forget the apples.

The new thing is that many people are offering help with the shopping for you, younger and with a better chance of survival than we oldies. This is wonderful, and I have been meandering around the computer for a few links, which I have found. I now realise my daily shopping is not so popular and how am I supposed to pay for it. The stores are now recommending plastic  as being more hygienic than money and I can only agree.  And so it seems I should trust a complete stranger to do my shopping with the use of my credit card. OK, it may be possible, I have not yet taken any concrete steps. I have a five minute drive to the store, and as they are now reduced in customers, due to the new admittance amounts, I will not be surrounded by people. I need an hour for the shopping (today is week-end shopping) and then I escape to home again for a few days isolation.

I am getting a little fed up with the phrase “Stay at Home”. I really find that wonderful to be at home all day, no stress and let the others do it for me, but with a handicapped son an an 80 year old husband who also has his disabilities, I am the most fit at home, despite my 73 years and MS. On top of it all I am now feeling guilty that I actually show myself, as a grey haired oldie, in public. No-one wants to see old people walking around, it is frowned upon. A broadcaster on one of the private Swiss radio stations had a half hour rant about it on his station and even got praise for it. Needless to say the broadcast went viral on Facebook. It is hurting, very much so. I am not alone and I am sure there are many in my position. I will definitely make attempts to get the necessary help, but not just anyone. Perhaps I should feel ill and miserable, then it would be easier, but this golden oldie still has some life left in her and I am really not planning on a demise yet. Corona, keep away from me, you are not welcome.


So let us get to something more uplifting. I got a magpie in fight this morning outside. I have to juggle a bit with the photo as I always take a “moving” photo containing many scenes. I got this one as the bird was planning to fly in for a landing. You just have to love those birds.


Afterwards a crow joined him and they made the most of a few seeds together, with no arguments.

And I am now off for an apartment clean and shower in preparation for my escape this afternoon to the store just an hour. Perhaps I could disguise myself that no-one would recognise me as an unnecessary golden oldie, but these days more people are wearing masks. I don’t even have one. Perhaps there is something hanging around from the carnival. Mr. Swiss said he as a couple of pairs of blue plastic gloves he once got as a free offer.

Anyhow have fun, enjoy it and all golden oldies everywhere have my deepest understanding about their incarceration.