RDP Saturday: Calm

Stream Feldbrunnen

What can you do to stay calm when the world as you know it is breaking apart. Horror reports of an unknown illness. Are we back in the days of the black death, or will we come through it? This afternoon I decided to ignore it all. I took my wheelchair and made a tour through the cemetery to the local castle. I saw 2 or 3 people on the way but mainly it was a solo tour and I was glad.

I did not have to hear the latest news about the little peas with hairs planning an attack. I passed the local stream through the cemetery and top half of the village. It was rushing on its way as always. Everything was in place.


The horses were on the meadow and I managed to switch off for  an hour. There is no cure for this illness, everyone finds something new to say about it, and the only news is how many infections and perhaps worst. 

I enjoyed my hour of calm, and I treasured it.   This evening I will be spending a pleasant time at home with a television and I hope to get a good night’s sleep. I now feel a lot happier after organising 30 toilet rolls 🙂

RDP Saturday: Calm

Good Morning


The sun rises again on our world. Not a sign of microscopic peas with hairs hovering around waiting to pounce on us unsuspecting humans, but who knows. They are lurking somewhere in the background unless we have destroyed their protective hard coverings with soap and water.  So let’s get on and forget the whole thing, not forget, the newspapers and TV and our governments are reminding us all the time.  Panic buying has become a popular sport. Let’s get to the supermarket and grab it before the others can. Even our local store has only miniature cans of tomatoes and strange colourful beans which you might need rarely for your chilli con carne. I am slowly losing my trust in human nature. There is enough for everyone if you remain realistic.


I have a herb garden outside and my rosemary bush is now flowering for the first time since I have had it. I got it about 5 years ago, so we can always chew on the herbs. I also have a large bag of bird food, as well as walnuts and peanuts. We can always eat nuts and chew on sunflower seeds if nothing else remains. We are not in self isolation as we are not yet coughing continuously, although Mr. Swiss finds that No. 1 son should not go into town so much, mixing with other people and worries that I am still going to the supermarket. I have cancelled any photo pleasure trips for the time being. Life is now a little different. Freedom of movement exists, but no-one really has the longing to mix with the others. The latest count in our Kanton were 10 sufferers of Covit 19 which would match also sufferers of a normal flu.


I noticed the local mountain still has a small layer of snow, although in the lowlands the weather is quite good.

It looks like that my life will be TV, iPad and computer in the next few days, coupled with housewife chores and perhaps now and again an escape to the supermarket. Of course I can always watch the flowers grow in my garden.

And now to move on and wish you all a good day.