FOWC with Fandango: Fantasy

Altstadt 25.12 (1)

It is a fantasy world, no sign of life
Living in isolation can be quite a strife
Shall I take the chance and go for a wheelie
Even that could be quite a stealy
Alone on the street, not being able to walk
If someone saw me they would definitely talk
She should be at home in isolation
Not living the high life, deserves damnation
So I sit at home, look through a glass pane
A golden oldie, no freedom can gain

FOWC with Fandango: Fantasy

RDP Sunday: Sandwich

Egg and Tomato Sandwich

And there you have it, my favourite, plain and simple: egg and tomato. Of course you have to have bread which is no great problem today.

Today the egg and tomato sandwich has perhaps another name. We could call it the “Isolation sandwich”. You have the bread at home in the freezer for emergencies. A box of eggs is also something you can store for some time. The tomatoes could present a problem, so keep a tube of tomato ketchup in the fridge in case the tomatoes are not available or are too old to use.. I like my eggs with black pepper.

I wonder how the Earl of Sandwich managed without a fridge.

RDP Sunday: Sandwich

Good Morning


Sunrise is sort of an hour earlier this morning as someone stole an hour during the night: my most unfavourite night of the year, but I will get it back in Autumn. All things end well and the sun is rising in a different place at the same time. Why do we humans have to mess around with such things. I seem to have survived my short night with no collateral damage up to now. Sundays are less stressful days in any case. I do not go anywhere or see anything interesting.


The sun is shining and my raised herb bed is looking particularly good this morning. It is Spring and growing time. Is it me, or does nature really look better in the clear fresh air we now have, minus the usual nitrogen burden. Unfortunately my thumb got in the way when taking the photo, but nobody’s perfect.


I spotted these little blue flowers in the garden this morning. I think they are known as periwinkle. I even began to give the garden water yesterday. Up to now I have not bothered, but I cannot remember the last time when it rained.

Life is certainly looking different since the attack of the hairy peas which remain invisible. It seems that we now have a test to see who is actually immune and it is being used already in Europe. Switzerland is now joining in. That would mean that many people who have to stay at home could go back to work again as it would not be such a threat to the others. I am thinking about taking a wheelie into town this afternoon just to see if it is still there. It seems out in the open air is not a danger. The hairy peas prefer enclosed spaces to work their evil doings.

My main occupation at the moment seems to be planning what to include in my food assortment for emergencies. It was always an unwritten law in Switzerland to have an emergency stock for unprecedented courses of events and I never really bothered, not imagining that we would be overcome by panic buying and days of isolation. Luckily our food supplies are guaranteed in Switzerland, in spite of the idiots that decided to raid the stores at the beginning of the crisis. The problem is now getting out to get what you need, especially if you are handicapped. I have been lucky to have the car and a government which has organised the new way of life in good time. I now have enough frozen accessories, but should now concentrate on meat and fish. Monday is my next hour of freedom and I will make a plan.


My No. 1 son and I have at last moved the ornaments into the garden. It no longer looks so bare and I think they are happy to be out again. I must say my No. 1 son is a big help at home. He is very aware of what needs to be done. And now I must be aware of what I should do, like visiting the shower and afterwards having a general clean up. And of course the dinner does not cook itself, but today is  plain and simple so no big cooking operations.

Have a good day everyone if possible, and just ignore those flying miniature objects in the air. We will win eventually.