RDP Friday: Empty


Well that was an easy one. Guess what used to be on this shelf in the supermarket before the virus paid a visit to Europe. You don’t know?

Here’s another photo from a different angle.


Makes it a bit easier as you can see some remains in the background. And I was the proud possessor of 3 packs, 30 pieces. Unfortunately Mr. Swiss tells me he had to fill up today, and now I only have 15 left. Looks like I will have to start cutting squares of newspaper.

RDP Friday: Empty

Good Morning


When the sun gets this high it means I was a little later with my photo. Despite everything being different in life at the moment, the sun still does its job and it seems that during the weekend, Saturday-Sunday, an hour of our precious time will disappear. Yes, we will all be altering in our clocks in Europe with a couple of exceptions, although the Brits will still be an hour behind us all as they are during the year. Perhaps this might confuse our new invaders, the peas with hairs, and they forget to attack, although that is wishful thinking.

In the meanwhile life goes on and I must again venture into the unknown, for shopping today.  I have now got a few extras in my new freezer cabinet, and non perishables on a table in the laundry room. I decided I should organise it better and began to make a list this morning (on my phone) of what I actually have. Most of it I knew by memory, but today I should go down to the depths of the cellar to complete the rest. I do not want to leave the deep freeze lid open too long, so will take a few camera shots with my mobile phone to capture what I have forgot. Yes life is taking new turns and I seem to be getting organised, which was never a strong point with me. However, as you grow older, you have more time for such operations I suppose. I would add I just love playing around with lists on my smartphone.


I have a new addition in my front garden, an insect hotel: a free gift from the store after collecting enough stickies on my card.  I now have two of them, one in the front garden and the other in the back garden. I have not noticed any insects moving in up to now, but they have plenty of accommodation space. I had a bit of a problem fixing it on the tree as it is quite heavy, being made of solid wood, but it was quite a windy night and it survived, so I think this is the best I can do at the moment.


I am still getting visitors in the garden. The bag of bird seed is coming to an end, and I am now seriously thinking that it is time to stop the feeding sessions. They all look so fat and happy, and they now seem to waddle instead of walk.


And now it is time to go and see what the day is holding for me. I read today in the news that there are increased cases of people speeding on the roads. I suppose it is tempting when you realise you are one of the few still driving on the desolated roads. Now would be my chance to drive more and further. Apparently my car battery would be glad. I am thinking about it but at the moment am glad to stay at home nicely isolated. I even cleaned up my windows yesterday although they were not really dirty. Today I just have a little bit of ironing to do.

I am thinking of you all in this big wide world and hope you come through the day unscathed. I must now go and wash my hands, not what you are thinking. My fingers are sticky from eating bread and jam, although I will do the customary 20 second wash – you never know