RDP Sunday: Stentorian

Fasnacht 02.03.2019

Stentorian, there is a name for it? Is that what my voice could be described as? What chance did I have. I came from a family of shouters. Of course my mum and her sisters would converse together, but the winner was always the one that had the loudest voice. Now don’t get me wrong. As far as they were concerned no-one was shouting.  Dad had bad hearing. He served in the second world war on the heavy guns and that did leave some irreparable damage to the ears. And so we all raised our voices to make sure he heard us.

I remember when we had our first telephone at home. That was quite an occasion, our own telephone. Unfortunately dad never heard it ringing and so we had to have a second bell fitted in the hallway to make sure he would hear it. The whole street heard it ringing, only dad did not.

I just do not understand it when Mr. Swiss tells me (not ask) not to speak so loud. Me? a loud voice? What chance did I have? I just explained to him that there is a word for a loud voice – stentorian. On the other hand I have realised that if you want something done, you have to say it loud enough. The problem also works the other way. Often I do not hear so well when people talk to me. I just wish they would speak louder, like my mum and her sisters did.

RDP Sunday: Stentorian

Good Morning


The sun is rising but whether it will stay is another question. I woke up to a wet porch, but it is no longer raining and everything is drying out nicely. After emptying the cat tray, sorting the linen that I washed yesterday evening and taking a few photos, I am already feeling exhausted, but today is Sunday. It used to be called a day of rest, but rest means not going shopping. I still have to cook lunch and make sure that everyone is happy.


And I also have to keep the birds happy. The crows and magpies have already come, and gone. They usually sneak outside when I am busy in the apartment and the food trophies are already gone when I look outside. I even saw a couple of sparrows jumping for joy.


There was one lonely chaffinch wandering around. I had a flock of them this week, but now they have probably found their lady of the year and are looking for a place to build a home for the kids.


It is now getting quite colourful here and Spring is arriving. Apparently the 1st March is the first day of the meteorological Spring. Yesterday was a leap year apparently. For me it just means a day longer in February to wait for my senior pension. The Brits even gave me a raise. I got a letter last week to tell me. As I only worked for a couple of years in England before escaping to Switzerland, I am not such a costly investment  for the Brits and a getting a few pounds monthly. Now it is a few shillings more. Every time I get one of those official British letters from the pensions authorities  I wonder what they have now invented for new tricks. Once a year I have to present them with a life certificate to prove I am still living and breathing and now and again I get a new form to fill out with various details that I have to search for.

We also have our various legalities in Switzerland. It is all getting more and more online with various codes and connecting novelties. I suppose I am a cyber golden oldie. Getting into my own bank account online has got very complicated, all now connected with an app on my smartphone with coloured photos. What about the golden oldies without a computer or smartphone? How do they manage? I did the income tax forms this year for the first time. Even they have now found a new system where everyone is now expected to do it all online. Where are the good old days where we had forms to fill out and send off by post.

Yesterday I was thinking about a photo tour in town, but it was cold and there was a so-called Föhn storm going on: that meant strong wind coming from the south. As it floats over the alps it is warmed up and gathers in strength as it reaches us. It is not very pleasant but this morning it has again disappeared.  One way or the other, I stayed at home. I was busy watering my indoor plants and feeding them with fertiliser.

And now to move on and see what the day will hold for me. Have a good Sunday everyone and do not forget: wash your hands regularly – at least 20 seconds each time, and if you are coughing stay at home. There are small microbes, resembling hairy peas, that are drifting in the wind and they are watching us, ready to pounce.