RDP Friday: Build

Baseltor 06.12.2018

I am rebuilding my life again at the age of 72. Life does not always take the turnings you would like, and one day you have to rethink. After 50 years of marriage where our roles were appointed,  Mr. Swiss had his work and so did I. As the main bread earner of the family he would go to work in the morning and come home in the evening. I was based at home and was a multi tasker as most housewives are. The kids went to school, and I also had a job, but was pulling the threads to make sure it functioned and it did.

Now we are older, the kids spread their wings some time ago, and we have a two person household. My autistic son still lives at home, but is at work during the day.

Mr. Swiss is no longer as active, partially in a wheelchair and I have MS, so how does it work? He is also older than I am, but still in good mental health, although we all get older and more forgetful. I am now rebuilding my life and taking over the responsibilities that I used to leave to him and it is not easy. A different way of life, sometimes agreeing to disagree. It needs time and patience.

Shopping expeditions are now done alone so I make the decisions mainly what I need to buy and make sure that I have a list as the brain forgets easily. My list is on my iPhone, joined on a cloud with Mr. Swiss iPhone, so we are both in the picture. Consultations get too complicated and after 50 years we know what we eat. My home life is being rebuilt. I have to plan differently, combining housework with the shopping.I also need a little “me” time for my computer and perhaps a trip into town and like to read a book in the evening.

It is truly amazing how your life changes with the years. Things that used to be dealt with automatically now have to be thought over. Perhaps there are still a few cracks in the walls, but not in the foundations, and they can be repaired. I am gradually getting there.

RDP Friday: Build

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Build

  1. ❤ "Perhaps there are still a few cracks in the walls, but not in the foundations, and they can be repaired." ❤ It's true. We remake our lives over and over again. We reach turning points and endings all the time and they don't have anything at all to do with what we "planned."


    • Absolutely not. I am at a turning point in my life and am replanning and it is not so easy, but it also has its good side. It has given me energy I never knew I still had, not so much physical, but somehow a new outlook o my daily life.

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