Good Morning

Evening Sky 06.12 (11)

As I was wheeling home from a visit to town yesterday I notice we had one of those colourful sunsets. This is the time of year to see them it seems. This is the hill just before I turn up the path homewards.

Altstadt 06.12 (1)

Yes, I took another visit to town yesterday afternoon. Our Christmas market was still there for the last second day and before it disappeared for a year I wanted to get some more photos.

Christmas Market 06.12 (12)

This time I managed to capture a photo of Santa’s mules, although the man himself was not around. Apparently he was having an afternoon break for something warm or perhaps just a beer in the one of the local restaurants. ย He had left a sign on his throne saying “Be back at 4.00”. As Ii did not really have any special wishes, I decided to leave it to the kids.

Christmas Market 06.12 (3)

This time there were not so many people on the market and I could move better in my chair. It is funny when I see others in a wheelchair. They always greet me so friendly and I greet them. Probably because we have something in common.

Christmas Market 06.12 (1)

Some of the stalls were selling food such as various sorts of honey and even a “Biersuppli” which is probably a Beer soup although it could also be something made of pears as the word in swiss German is almost the same. Not being a native, only living here for 50 years, my Swiss German still has a few problems.

River Aare 06.12 (3)

Eventually I decided to wheel my way home via the river Aare. It was not too cold and I did not even bother to wear my gloves.

Today is week-end shopping, so I will have to give myself a push. I do not mind going shopping on my own. After many years of retirement doing it all with Mr. Swiss, I am now alone as he can no longer mange the shopping trips. Although we mnaged ok together, times change with age. I am feeling OK at the moment and hope it continues. After my relapse a couple of weeks ago with my MS, my body has recovered and I am getting used to my problems. I just have to be very careful that I do not fall. I noticed these falls only happen when something is not in the place where it should be, or perhaps you hook into a carpet. However, we have only one carpet which is an advantage.

Yesterday evening I was on the computer until later, and eventually composed the shopping list, which helps me a lot when I know what I want and do not forget anything important. One of the problems of becoming a golden oldie is the short term memory.

By the way Switzerland now has a new government for next year. They vote always in December to re-elect the 7 ministers, or perhaps elect new ones as a couple retire. Every year we get more women and now we have three ladies. Not bad for a country that only allowed votes for women in the seventies. Personally I do not care if woman or man, as long as they do the job right. We also have a new president, Mr. Ueli Mauerer, who has been a minister for a few years. A new president is elected every year from one of the ministers. At least we are not lumbered with the same one every year and we know our ministers. Being a small country with only about eight million population, the job is a little more easier to solve.

River Aare 06.12 (1)

And now I must really go, do a clean up and get ready. I leave you with a parting shot of our town of Solothurn from yesterday where sunset was doing the right thing. Have a good Friday everyone.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I wasn’t sure what they were and I couldn’t remember if Santa had donkeys or mules. I think they were fed up with everyone taking photos. There was a sign that said “feed them at your own risk”. The river was looking particularly good yesterday.

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      • Donkeys are definitely individualistic creatures. I like them a LOT, but they are their own beings. Mules look more like horses with long ears and are their own creatures, too. Out here we have burros that roam freely. They are very cute and might follow a person on a hike. When I was a girl I came out here with a church group to a camp with cabins. I woke up one morning to a burro who’d opened the cabin door, come in and was breathing on my face. He was friendly and funny. I scratched his nose, got up and he just kind of hung out in the cabin until I was dressed and we walked out together.

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  1. So where you live, Santa’s “sleigh” is run not by reindeer, but by donkeys? I think that’s a much better choice. Donkeys are tough little guys and very friendly — and funny — and I’m sure would not care whether or not you had a very red nose or not!

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    • I think Santa parked his car somewhere in town. The donkeys were just there for the kids. I like them very much. I felt sorry for them amongst all those people in their little enclosure.


        • I must have been lucky. I did not have one spot of seagull on me when I finished taking the photos. Apparently they are donkeys. Me being town born and bred I am not so good at telling the difference.

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          • That makes more sense. They look a bit too stout. They naturalized out in the Mojave Desert, and roam into towns and eat whatever minimal vegetation they can find in home gardens, which is why the yards are fenced. Fortunately, it does not take much to keep them out. They could step over a low fence, but they seem to know that a fence is there to keep them out, and respect it. However, they seem to find parked cars interesting, and poke their heads into open windows. Many of the mules look like donkeys. I don’t know why. We know them all as burros.


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