RDP Saturday: Exult

Zebra Boutique Gurzelgasse 24.11.2018

I suppose someone was exulting when they walked past this boutique in town and saw that there would be 50% reduction off certain articles. It was proclaimed with exulting pink and black balloons.

Otherwise I do not exactly exult. Sounds like an oratorium performed in the church. They are always exulting about something or the other.

I must admit I have a little exultation daily when I finish writing my various prompts. Blogging has become a way of life for me, especially as I no longer work in a daily job. I like to do something, and my knitting days are no longer. I never wear wollen jumpers or jackets, far too hot and I feel uncomfortable. But the computer is always ready for a few exultations.

And so I write daily my blogs and answer various challenges, in WordPress. I have blogged around in a few places, but since the last 10 years I seem to have settled here. And when I have finished writing this one, my feline will take over and write her piece and afterwards I will move on to another place with a daily prompt.

So I will now go and have an exultation because this one is finished for today.


RDP Saturday: Exult

9 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Exult

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  2. I’m always amused by WordPress’s persistent belief that blogger is “kids.” Actually, I think most of them are like us. Retired. This is a dedicated hobby, the chance to do something because we want to and not because we have to it to earn enough to support our retirement. Young people with kids and jobs don’t have the time to put into blogging and the really young ones stay with it about 45 seconds until the next text shows up on their phone πŸ˜€

    I’m hitting 7 years in February. That’s longer than any job I held!

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    • Most of the bloggers I know are in more in the golden oldie direction than kids which I prefer. You can have discussions that are of interest. I have fun blogging and you know you also learn something on the way.


      • I love writing and I think it’s a great activity — it’s good for the brain and as I get older I realize it’s important to keep exercising the brain because it’s a muscle too. And I think memories are important too — so much has changed so rapidly that what was ordinary in our childhood is now history. Maybe one day our blogs will be mined by social anthropologists for information about how people lived.

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        • I also have a similar dream. We will be long gone, but our thoughts and memories will remain. If only Samuel Pepys had had a computer. I also find that writing is a tonic that keeps the brain working.

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  3. I will exult in this and Tabby’s blog. I exulted getting all my errands run this morning before the deluge came. Flash flood warnings are in affect until 6pm this evening. And it is only 1pm now. Gonna be a long afternoon…..

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