FOWC with Fandango: Credit

Swiss Money

Today is Saturday: no shopping to do, and nothing that I have to do, just like to do. This morning after my stint on the computer and eating breakfast I had a little surf around to see what Facebook was doing, just a little daily amusement I have and then our local Co-op supermarket group invited me to take part in todays first Advent calendar game.

The prize is a credit card with 500 Swiss Francs to be used in the Co-Op. All I had to do was supply my telephone No. and answer a few silly questions, at least I thought so. Then I was told I was only half way there, and should call a special telephone to finish it all. Now I know what you are all thinking – a scam perhaps? It was not a scam because there were certain details that proved it was not. I must say I do not usually partake in these things, but for once I thought why not. And now the real work began.

I was connected on the computer to a site and had questions to answer, where I could click on A and B, so I began. Half an hour later I was finished, and must have had at least 100 questions to answer, of which I made 3 mistakes, but the lady on the phone said I was high up on the list blah blah blah, although the lady on the phone was a recording. Now when you are asked if bears make winter hibernation in Summer or Winter what do you answer. Exactly and I got that one wrong because it seems they hibernate in summer. I cannot remember the other two wrong answers. It seems if you win anything you will be contacted by phone. The prize is in the form of a plastic similar credit card which I know already, because you can  buy them in the stores, so there will be no manipulating with bank accounts.

And now I am waiting patiently for my telephone call at home to tell me I have won 500 swiss francs credit for goods in the Co-Op – yes I know, but you can always hope. I even lost half an hour this morning with this and we ate half an hour later. Must be a golden oldie thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Credit

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Credit

    • I get credits from the bank. Now and again Mr. Swiss and I order three glasses of special honey, which is the minimum you can order with the points. Honey is not cheap, so why not. We always have honey at home, thanks to the bank system.


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