Daily Prompt: Agree to disagree

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It’s chemistry, you meet in a moment in time and there it is, you agree to disagree. Birds have it simpler, they meet, have a peck or two, build a nest, lay a few eggs and they have no chance to disagree. The kids need worms or whatever and mum and dad take turns to feed them: perhaps not always mum and dad together, but more or less.

One day I moved to another country, found a job and was introduced to all the people in the office. They were just names for me, foreign names. A conversation develops with one of the names and 48 years later you still wonder how it happened. He likes jazz, you like something a little more rocking. He can paint, you can be glad if you can draw a straight line. Interests are compleely different and food, forget it. I blog, he listens to music on the computer.

There is a party, common friends have invited: a wedding, a chrstening or a birhday, the reason is not important: perhaps even a family affair, and so we arrive and even sit next to each other, The band strikes up, couples leave for the floor to dance and we are still agreeing to disagree. Each of us dance in our own way, but together – forget it. Somehwere the steps do no combine. If we had met on a dance floor – well, we probably would not have met and would still be doing our own thing.

What about food, we both like röschti, but you cannot eat röschti every day, now and again you have to try something different. What about an aubergine, I love them. He does not mind them and can even put up with them. I like a breakfast in the morning, sit down and enjoy. He seems to live on something he picks up on the way. There are miracles that happen in life and you are still searching for the reason why.

Some people love to follow political discussions on the TV, why not – it enriches your outlook. What’s TV, I prefer to read a book – I love something a little supernatural, fantasty, but he is a realist, crime is the best with a clever twist somewhere on the way. We both love watching the Eastender soap series and that is four times a week for half an hour. You see sometimes you can agree, just now and again. At least life is not boring.

Let’s face it, love is a mysterious thing, I will never understand it. Harmonize? We rarely sing together, but we have manged 48 years, so perhaps we do sing the same song.

Daily Prompt: Agree to disagree

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Agree to disagree

  1. OMG! It’s so like us. Loved this post. I still wonder how we have completed living together for 46 years, being so different even with different languages and food habits . I think respecting each others choices, some compromises and giving space to whatever other wants to do does the magic.

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  2. If food preferences were a gauge of relationships, we really WOULD be doomed. Or, for that matter, identical tastes in anything at all, from TV shows to movies to books and plays. Garry and I meet here and there, but after we meet, we go to very different places … especially in books and movies. Fortunately, we both like comedy and we have a set of favorites that we both love. But otherwise? There’s a LOT of compromise and is that a bad thing? Anyone who things they are going to make a long term relationship without changing are called “divorced” in my world. Relationships require you try his stuff and he tries your and one person will always go further than the other to find a point at which you can co-exist peacefully.

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    • Often as a sort of joke we wonder how we managed to put the 48 years behind us in one piece, but it was never boring. I have become an expert on jazz and bebop and now know that John Coltrane is not a locomotive. I even listen to jazz stations voluntarily and Mr. Swiss not only speaks English but also a little bit of cockney. We learn from each other and agree to disagree.


  3. Agree to disagree is one of the key rules of my second marriage….. It works alright but sometimes each of us forgets about said sentence and then the sparks fly 🙂
    It’s a great leveller too ! And it leaves us the option to change our opinion if well argumented. We did however meet because we loved the same things, the disagreements came along the way.

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    • That’s normal. At the beginning it is one heart and one mind. As time goes on you find a few differences and eventually discover that they are the spice of life.


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