Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 21, 2017

Solothurn 08.07 (24)

During the summer new ways appear everywhere in Switzerland as they cannot be repaired during the Winter months. This was a building in the old town of Solothurn.

River Aar 20.07 (18)

A footbridge in the town of Solothurn, Switzerland. It was built for the students of the new secondary school for those living on the other side of the River Aar.

River Aar 20.07 (22)

A path leading from the bank of the River Aar towards the town of Solothurn, Switzerland.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 21, 2017

Daily Prompt: Suddenly there was a gate

London 2015

There never used to be a gate, there was nothing to keep in or out. Every year I would stay at the same place in London, just along the road and and so I noticed the changes. It used to be a place where you could buy concrete installations. One day I arrived for my visit and it was empty. I stayed with my friend in her house and she said she had no idea what would be happening. Now it is left to the weeds that find a place for a seed in between the cracks.

The gates are to keep us out and perhaps to keep the others in. There are rumours that voices can be heard at night, but mostly from stray cats that are searching for a comfortable warn place somewhere in the underground.

A year later, the last time I visited London, things were happening. the gates had gone, and a tall building was arriving. I had no time for photos, and I knew it would be my last visit. It is a scene from a life in another place in another country. My dad passed away two years ago and my final goodbyes were said to London.

Daily Prompt: Suddenly there was a gate

Good Morning

Jura 20.07 (1)

I escaped again yesterday evening. I was thinking about it all day, shall I or not? The last time I did a marathon I felt like one of those near-collapse survivors when I arrived home, because I missed the train home and had to walk. There was also a problem of having the zoom lens on my camera which is OK if your subjects are on the other side of the river, but not if they are in front of your nose. Sometimes simple brings better results than complicated.

This time I decided no train: a straight walk along the river bank and back again with a couple of pit stops on the way. It was a pleasant evening with a soft breeze. Although it was cloudy there was no rain. The photo above is of our local mountain, Weissenstein, where you can see the outline of the restaurant and some sort of radio mast at the top.

I plodded on and there were people sitting on the bank of the river here and there lazing in the evening sun, or perhaps taking a swim in the river. I always keep my eye on the river for an exclusive photo of something in the water. What I saw, twice, was the flicker of a tail and a quick furry body. Rats are everywhere, and they are the species river rats. You do not often see them as they tend to hide in the stones, but we have them. As long as they keep to the river they are not a great problem. I wish I had caught one on a photo, but they are so quick and very shy.

Horses 20.07 (5)

I saw a horse making its way across the field. There is a group of younger horses kept in this area which extends to the main road on the other side.

My actual target was to reach the next bridge which was built to connect the new secondary school for the students. This was really the limit of my walk, but I arrived in one piece.

River Aar 20.07 (13)

I managed to drag myself for a complete view of the bridge (photo follows on another blog), this is just a side view. The bridge is only for pedestrians and bicycles. I heard the clock(s) chime throughout the area and decided it was time to return as it was 8.00 p.m. and Mr, Swiss might be imagining all sorts of problems.

There was one small problem I had. Our local authorities decided that it would not be necessary to place benches along this stretch of the river. They were there, but without backrests and in concrete. I prefer the wooden type of thing where I can relax and so I continued, although I would have loved to have sat on a bench. My next meeting was with a man and his dog. The dog was chasing after a ball in the river and so I stopped for a photo.

Dog in Aar 20.07 (1)

The owner of the dog, a very nice man, laughed when he saw me taking the photo and wishes me a very nice evening. That is the nice thing about those walks, there are few people around, but they are friendly. I decided I needed the next bench, but when I approached it I decided to do the rest for home. I was already dragging my left foot, but was sure I would not lose it for the last few steps.

I arrived home, tired but happy and uploaded my photos onto the computer. No-one had missed me in the meanwhile. I decided that tomorrow there would be no walk, not wanting to overdo it.

Today is a day of shopping and tomorrow Son No. 1 will be back home some time in the early evening from his two week holiday in Italy, probably completely sun tanned. Enjoy the day, it is Friday and for the non-golden oldies it means you have a week-end to relax. Our life is full of week-ends. Keep well and do not go for long walks without a bench in between. A last look at a wild flower I saw growing by the river bank – no idea what it is.

Wild Flowers 20.07 (1)