Daily Prompt: Tethered to the computer

Me on the computer

Big sister is watching you. Am I tethered to the computer? Of course not, although Mr. Swiss sometimes thinks I am. Just because I stop hugging my bed in the morning and my first journey is to the kitchen to switch on the computer, it does not mean I am addicted – of course not. The computer has spent a complete night and evening without my attention and it is obvious that he feels lonely and neglected, so I have to reasure him in the morning that I am still there and are thinking about him. To call a compute “it” is heartless, without feelings, of course it is a living thing in my world.

Whilst the computer is firing up with the bytes flowing I am making my breakfast, hence the stains showing on the keyboard, but what is a clean computer. That is a computer that is neglected and they feel sad. My computer is switched on around 7.45 in the morning and at 8.00 my Good Morning blog begins. This might be when my tethering begins on the computer. Mr. Swiss is convinced I sit on the computer until 9.00 a.m. It is all a question of how you look at the problem. My intention is half an hour in the morning at WordPress, but you know how it is. There are Facebook pages to visit and see if your collegues are still talking to each other: to discover the news on Trump and if he is still in charge and perhaps even some news from Switzerland might appear, perhaps a cow went missing in the local village.

It is now that the alarm rings on my smartphone telling me that it is 9.00 a.m. Mr. Swiss is convinced I sit on the computer until 9.00 a.m. and so I fitted the alarm for this time as a proof that this is not true. OK, I might be still on the computer, but it can happen when I am in the shower already doing the daily clean up. It might happen now and again that I am still tethered to the computer, but really only now and again. I now forget the computer until the afternoon after my midday sleep and relaxation therapy. The tethering begins again at 3.30 p.m. I have a daily prompt to write for me and my cat then the challenges arrive.

Am I an addict – no of course not, but what else does a golden oldie have to occupy itself wit?. I am not quite finished, although it is now time for the evening meal. This is where I am thankful for the domestic side of Mr. Swiss, as the evening meal is his job. He might be tethered to the TV, or perhaps a book, but can separate himself to prepare something to eat. After the meal I am still tethered, but only until 7.30 p.m. It is then the big switch off for both computers, the Apple and the Microsoft.  You are never alone with a computer, and why have one when two do the job twice as well.

Of course I do not sit in front of the computer all the time, I have an iPad for the in-between sessions, you have to be prepared and might miss something. Perhaps Fred over at Facebook has cut his finger on a bread knife and bleeding to death, or Sally has forgotten where she put her keys. These dramas can occur any time during the day, but with a computer you are never alone in your misery.

And now I must go further, my cat Tabby is waiting impatiently to paw her blog, although she is never tethered, it does not work so well with a feline. And afterwards I think I must clean the keyboard of my computer.  I really cannot disappoint my disciples in leading them to think that I have a messy computer. Of course it is the light from the window that shows the finger marks, splashes and crumbs from the morning slice.

Daily Prompt: Tethered to the computer

Good Morning


The first thing you do when rising in the morning is to perhaps open the curtains, especially when you here the voices of the building team outside. You want to know what they are doing today, what building adventures they will embark on. And so I drew the curtains and found feet in front of my window. The owner of these feet did not know I decided to take a photo of this moment in time as the top half of his body was concentrating on work on the next floor.

Yesterday the building events of the day were grinding.

Renovation A 05.07 (9)

The cladding performance had now been finished and our building now has a white styroform surface, but it seems this surface is not as flat as it should be. The builder is now a mountaineer and is carrying a rucksack on his back. This is actually a portable vacuum cleaner and as he grinds the surface the particles of cladding are sucked into this machine to avoid the residue falling to the ground floor appartment, which is ours I can assure you that this only works in theory. At the end of the working day we have a thin layer of white flakes.


I once had a wonderful green lawn and an automatic lawn mower, Mowey, that did his work regularly daily. I now have a war scene, with bare patches in the lawn. Our lawn has become a trample path for booted builders feet. Today we have an electric cable and some sort of strange object resembling a table for the fairy’s tea party, but I am sure it is lifes saving for our builders. Before the building tragedy began we were given the written word that the gardeners would replace everything afterwards. If they think that sewing a new lawn will be enough they will be wrong. I will not wait for a month for the seeds to grow, I want a complete lawn replacement, rolled turf.

“Where are the steel brushes, I need one. They have disappeared.”

This was the desperate cry of a builder this morning, someone has stolen the steel brushes. Yesterday I found a wooden measure in my flower bed. I asked Mr. Swiss if we could use it, but he said we have one and so I put it on the scaffolding. Some time during the day a builder retrieved his lost measure.  I still have a styrofoam brick in front of my appartment resting on the scaffolding, since two days, but if it does not disappear today I will shift it to the scaffolding opposite the neighbouring appartment which is empty in any case.

And so life continues. Mr. Swiss just retrieved an identified object from the garden that arrived from somewhere above. We have now come to the conclusion we are the parking lot for any unwanted or mislaid building material. I have decided to begin a collection and hold it all to ransom. If I happen to find the missing steel brushes, the builders will have to pay to retrieve them.

There is one advantage at the moment, I do not have to clean windows on the East side. just a wipe over with a cloth to remove the magnetic pieces of white foam. Yes, Mr. Swiss and I both have the builder’s blues at the moment.

There must be a photo somewhere of something not connected with building.

Tractor 05.07.2017

Yes, I took this photo from the car yesterday on the way to the supermarket of the grass harvest on a farm. Some people can lead normal lives it seems.

I will now move onto other pasttimes, such as renovating my appartment with the vacuum cleaner. Perhaps I might kill a builder, fly in the meanwhle, they are a bother at the moment buzzing around everywhere.

Enjoy the day, beware of builders, and clean you computer keyboard if you eat your breakfast at the computer whilst writing Good Morning blogs. I can recommend this from personal experience.