Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea 02.06.2017

This time they are from my garden. I decided to have some everlasting sweet pea in the garden many years ago to brighten up the hedge. And they grew and grew and spread their seeds and now they are here to stay. They even spread to the wild flower meadow opposite and seem to be planning to take over. However, they are a pretty flower and they also disappear during the Winter, only to return with a vengence in Spring again.

Flower of the Day: 23.0 7.2017 Sweet Pea

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 23, 2017

Road to Langendorf 21.07 (2)

There is a story by the brothers Grimm, The Bremen Town Musician, where a mixture of animals decide to make music. I think the local garden center was showing his animals as a sort of publicity trick. There is a mule, a dog, a snail, a chicken and I think I can also see the model of a rabbit – an odd mixture. They always follow us with their eyes when we drive past.

River Aar 13.07 (7)

A strange construction at the top of a scaffolding (not our scaffolding this time).


A parking space for the kids.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 23, 2017

Weekly Weather: Fog

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.10 (14)

In October our local scenery is no longer scenery, just shapes and outlines. We are then enschrouded in a mist that arrives from nowhere. You see only blurred outlines and hope that you can see ahead on the road. We blame it on the River Aar which flows through our area. We live just a few minutes away and you can see it rising like steam from a boiling kettle, churning upwards and engulfing everything. Every year same time, same place. I took the photo on a road trip to the local supermarket.

Weekly Weather: Fog

One Word Photo Challenge: Hippotamus

Oliver, Patrick, Whale, Hippo Natural History Musem Kensington

This is unbelivable. Where am I to find a photo of a hippopotmus in the middle of Switzerland. The largest animal I find here is a cow, or perhaps a bull, but our amphibia are usually frogs.

I then remembered a visit to the Natural History Museum in London, where they have dinosaurs, so I had a look in my photo album. This was in the early eighties, on a visit to my mum and dad in London aged around 9 and 14.  I was watching my two boys who were fascinated by the objects shown. The main animal here was a large whale and you can also see the skeleton of something big in the background. On the right my hippo, although I am not sure if it is the sort of hippo you would meet today on the Nile. He was not dangerous, just showing his teeth for all to see.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hippotamus

Daily Prompt: Agree to disagree

Pigeons 14.07 (5)

It’s chemistry, you meet in a moment in time and there it is, you agree to disagree. Birds have it simpler, they meet, have a peck or two, build a nest, lay a few eggs and they have no chance to disagree. The kids need worms or whatever and mum and dad take turns to feed them: perhaps not always mum and dad together, but more or less.

One day I moved to another country, found a job and was introduced to all the people in the office. They were just names for me, foreign names. A conversation develops with one of the names and 48 years later you still wonder how it happened. He likes jazz, you like something a little more rocking. He can paint, you can be glad if you can draw a straight line. Interests are compleely different and food, forget it. I blog, he listens to music on the computer.

There is a party, common friends have invited: a wedding, a chrstening or a birhday, the reason is not important: perhaps even a family affair, and so we arrive and even sit next to each other, The band strikes up, couples leave for the floor to dance and we are still agreeing to disagree. Each of us dance in our own way, but together – forget it. Somehwere the steps do no combine. If we had met on a dance floor – well, we probably would not have met and would still be doing our own thing.

What about food, we both like röschti, but you cannot eat röschti every day, now and again you have to try something different. What about an aubergine, I love them. He does not mind them and can even put up with them. I like a breakfast in the morning, sit down and enjoy. He seems to live on something he picks up on the way. There are miracles that happen in life and you are still searching for the reason why.

Some people love to follow political discussions on the TV, why not – it enriches your outlook. What’s TV, I prefer to read a book – I love something a little supernatural, fantasty, but he is a realist, crime is the best with a clever twist somewhere on the way. We both love watching the Eastender soap series and that is four times a week for half an hour. You see sometimes you can agree, just now and again. At least life is not boring.

Let’s face it, love is a mysterious thing, I will never understand it. Harmonize? We rarely sing together, but we have manged 48 years, so perhaps we do sing the same song.

Daily Prompt: Agree to disagree

Good Morning

Blue Tooth Cars

These are the latest addition to my car park and I have never seen anything like it before, although leading a quiet life I am not so up to date. Yesterday No. 1 son returned from his holiday in Italy. He goes every year with a special group of handicapped, as he is autistic. He knows most of the colleagues that go with him. It is well organised and this holiday is for those that are not so handicapped with movement. He stays in a hotel, has his own room and usually spends the days on the beach. This is one of the reasons when he returns he has a very deep tan.

As he is quite independent, most of the time he can do his own things, and the group also went on an excursion to Venice which is quite near.

He usually looks around in the shops for some sort of souvenir and this time he bought himself these cars. They are not just inactive objects, but they do things. One of these new developments. He said everyone in the group bought one, he bought two. I call them a “blue tooth” car, because they do not only have flashing lights and a siren noise, but they talk to you something about a blue tooth connection. I am not sure how it works, but they have a built in radio, something to do with your smartphone. Son No. 1 does not have a smartphone, just a normal mobile.

Blue Tooth Car

Anyhow they are quite colourful and something completely different. He also brought us a souvenir from Venice, one of those fridge magnets from Venice. We now have quite a collection from his various holidays, but usually stick them to the door entrance to the kitchen which is metal.

Venice Souvenir

I was in Venice about 50 years ago for a few days at Easter. I was then single and carefree and we were four english girls all living and working in Switzerland that had met up somewhere and on a whim took the train to Venice from Zürich. We did not even have a hotel, but soon found a decent one. Venice is certainly something completely different, although at the age of 19 you do not really have so much interest for monuments, more the daily life of the male population. Needless to say it was an interesting four days.

This morning I have an “ear” problem. At the moment I have reduced hearing in the left ear which I hope will clear itself up eventually as it is Sunday and I am not in the mood to visit the ER at the local hospital, I have other things to do like cooking and ironing etc. etc.

It rained most of the night and this morning it will probably clear up again with a little sun I hope. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Feldbrunnen village 10 (3)