Mundane Monday: Challenge #120 Through the scaffold


We are enshrouded in scaffolding for half a year. My photos are influenced, I never realised that building constructions also have their merits. This was just a shot in the morning: blue skies, part of the hedge and of course metal stairs and platforms – all part of the scenery.

Mundane Monday: Challenge #120 Through the scaffold

Share Your World – July 31, 2017

If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts? Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected?

Me on the computer

I never wore glasses, or had to, until I was about 45 years old and you can blame it on the computer, most definitely. It began with just reading glasses, the half sized ones, and then the day came when I had to have full glasses. I settled for vario and still wear them today, about 30 years later. I am short sighted.  I prefer them as I can wear them all the time. I have never really wanted contacts, I am sure I would drop one and lose it somewhere. I should go to the eye doctor for a check, as I have so many other health problems, but I do not like the idea of not seeeing anything for a day because of the eye drops. Mr. Swiss told me they have a new system and after half an hour you see again, so I might take a chance.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person? 

Tabby 08.03 (2)

I am an anything person as I love animals, but settled for cats. I had three and now just Tabby, who is 15 years old and has her own WordPress site. The good thing with cats is that you do not take them for a walk, they take themselves for a walk.

If you were to buy a new house/apartment what is the top three items on your wish list?

No stairs, easy to clean and not too big and in the country where the cows and sheep say goodnight to each other. I am living in my ideal home now, and do not really want to change.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Road to Langendorf 26.07 (9)

The Jura mountains are always an inspiration, they are always there as a backdrop to my life.

Share Your World – July 31, 2017

Daily Prompt: Who defines substandard?

The local road

Look straight ahead. Does that white block of appartments look substandard. Admittely after approximately 15 years the white facade is perhaps no longer as white as it should be, but nothing lasts forever. This is where I live, the appartment was new when we moved it.

One day someone had a dream, it should be freshened up, renovated, newly painted and there was a meeting. Offers were invited and profit was in the air. The most expensive offer covered everything, including a new roof. The old roof, which was not very old, was not leaking. It was solid. Perhaps it could be cleaned up a bit at the top, but no big problem. We were not threatened with the possibilitiy of a roof caving in on us. Some found the insulation was not good enough, they had damp walls. We had no damp walls, but we often had our windows open to condition the air. And so it continued. There was a meeting and the most expensive offer was rejected. It was agreed to renovate, but it could wait.

Things changed, people moved on to other places and there was another meeting. Those of us that rejected the golden calf offer were now in the minority and a new wind was blowing, the young wind, the young and lively. Golden oldies were no longer listened to, we were cast on the scrap heap of those that had no idea, because we were not modern enough and did not realise that the world moves on and so we gave up and the vote was cast.

Renovation 04.'5 (27)

And now we have this  surrounding our appartment, not for a day, or a month, but 6 months. If you are going to do something then do it thoroughly. We have an international team working on this project. Some are even Swiss, others Italian, German, and Moroccans that built the scaffolding. Eveything comes to an end. We are now just over half way through and when the summer of discontent is over in September, we might even return to a normal state of affairs. Substandard is the new norm, nothing is good enough today.

The Tower of London was built in 1078. Admittedly it has been modernised over the years, but not after only 20 years. I was built in 1946 and have had a few renovations now and again. Today I am definitely substandard: need new bones, new muscles, and a few limbs could also be renewed, but no good expecting too much. My scaffolding is a walking stick and the insulation is supplied by various medicines and ointments. Of course our building was examined before the work began, just like the doctor examines me. The building gets a complete renewal, and me? Yes, well, they have done some repair work, but no good expecting more. The paintwork is not like it used to be, it crumbles away here and there and the surface is scarred.

M - Me

Daily Prompt: Who defines substandard

Good Morning

Renovation 28.07.2017

The tools are laying silent for the next couple of days, the workmen have a holiday. On Tuesday complete Switzerland has a holiday as it is our national day.  To make it a nice long week-end Monday is also included so we have four days of peace and quiet and only the sound of the crows in the distance or a vacuum cleaner in the home.

I would love to go for a photo walk, but my knee is still causing a problem, although gradually improving I think. It now only hurts when I stand on it. Otherwise I just spent my week-end with my computer and a book and now and again I even watched the tele.

Mr. Swiss had again found an old German TV jewel we we are watching again. It is the story of the Kempowski family that one had a shipping company and lived in Rostock. The second world war arrived with its stupidity and afterwards the Russians arrived. It became East Germany and the family came from the frying pan into the fire. We watched it many years ago at the beginning of our marital days, even in black and white, but it is still very good.  The story is told by one of the sons who wrote the original book which I have decided to read when I have finished the book I am now reading.

I thought it would be a good idea to read “Game of Thrones”. It is not a bad idea, but 800 pages of warring families that lived in a fictirious country is not really my thing.  I have discovered. I can follow the story lines, and even now know who is who. The TV edition seeem to be popular and I read remarks on Facebook that it is great, wonderful, one of the best TV series ever, but I am not really tempted to watch episode after episode. I suppose it is not my taste and life does not always have a happy end, but this Game of Thrones has too many unhappy ends. You never seem to know if they will survive or not. The only bright thing for me were the “direwolf” puppies, but even one of those had to be killed. That was when I decided this was not my thing. I will persevere until the bitter end, but will move onto something complely different afterwards.

I have discovered a book series by Robert Ranking, The Brentford Trilogy, a little bit of fantasy and decided to move on to them after my games with the thrones.

And that’s that. Our life’s purpose today is going shopping to make sure we do not starve over the next couple of days. No, I am not cooking anything special for 1st August as grilling meat over an open fire is not our thing. I read somewhere that that is a man task, but it seems in our family it is deemed as a woman task, and I do not feel like standing over flaming hot coals and turning meat every five minutes. Afterwards you have to clean the grill with a wire brush and all sorts of torture instruments. Yesterday on Sunday evening the air was filled with the smell of roasted meat outside, so I just savour the smells from the others. Perhaps I might just make Röschti with a Bratwurst on 1st August to keep up a Swiss tradition.

And now I am off. I really must do something enterprising today so that I can tell you all about it tomorrow, but in our sleepy village the only excitement it when the local bull decides to do his job and the cows all clap.

Oh, I almost forgot, my pink delight buddleia is flowering.

Buddleia 30.07 (1)