Mundane Monday Challenge #118: A leafless tree

Tree 16.07 (1)

I have been watching this tree for some time. It is on the route to the local river where I like to go for walks. When and how it lost the leaves I have no idea but it still stands there perhaps waiting for something to happen. It has braved a few storms. Who knows, perhaps it is bewitched.

Mundane Monday Challenge #118: A leafless tree

Share Your World – July 17, 2017

What is your favorite cheese?

Cheddar Cheese

I have been living in Switzerland for the past 50 years but if it is one thing I have not forgotten from my British days, it is Cheddar Cheese. The Swiss can keep their Emmental and Gruyère, there is nothing better than a piece of Cheddar cheese. When I arrived in Switzerland there was perhaps one special shop in Zürich where you could buy it. Today its fame has spread, and even our supermarket sells it. Melted on toast it is a delicacy and in a cheese sauce with cauliflower, unique. Did I mention, cheddar cheese is my favourite.

Are you left or right handed?

Defnitely right handed, although today I can be glad when I can use either hand. With age some fingers get thicker than others, no longer have the feeling or mobility they used to have, but they still work.

I would like to add here the strange thing is that my oldest son is left handed, probably because of his autism, and my youngest son is completely ambidextrous, although he writes with the left hand. When he was a kid he would draw. For objects on the right side of the paper he used his right hand to colour, and for objects on the left side, his left hand.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either?

I exercise my mind daily with my computer and running the household, although I am glad for Mr.Swiss and his assistance. My smartphone helps me on the way, as it reminds me of what I should not forget. As far as the body in concerned it now refuses to be exercised, but I am definitely the speediest in stick walking.

Complete this sentence: Hot days are …

a s**t if you have MS.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I visited our Saturday morning market in our local town of Solothurn. It is for food mainly. I loved it as it must be at least a year since I last had the time to go. Mr. Swiss and I had lunch in an Italian restaurant afterwards. It was a great morning for us both.

I do not really look forward to stuff, as it is more spontaneous decisions that we make. If we have the time and the interest, we decide and do it. Sometimes you feel too tired to do what you would like to do. It just depends on the mood.

Share Your World – July 17, 2017

Daily Prompt: Edible does not always mean that it was good

Teigwaren und Lattich mit Speck

Unfortunately I do not have an origianl photo of “greens” because it was years ago when I last had the pleasure of a meal with “greens”. I can only show you cooked lettuce on the left with an accompaniment of pasta. But what were greens? If my mum was still here to answer my question. she would tell me I do not realise the value of good food. For mum, greens were greens and grew green in large bunches of green leaves, and above all, they were the cheapest vegetable you could buy.

Ok, mum could not cook. The problem was she thought she could. Dad loved her food, but he was glad she did the cooking as dad did not realised that food had to be cooked. He was not a gourmet and as long as meat and veg and potato arrived on the table, everything was fine. He visited me with mum a couple of times in Switzerland, and I was then cooking for two adults and four kids daily Swiss style. Mum and dad would eat what they were served, although they regarded it as something completely different. Dad’s remark was “they like that sort of thing”, me and Mrs. Swiss and the family being “they”, but I am digressing.

So I grew up with home cooking. The British do not have a reputation of being the cordon bleu cooks in the world and I can support this idea, but I was always something completely different, even as a kid.

“Eat your greens”

“I don’t like them”

“They are good for you.”

I was confronted with a plate with a collection of green leaves boiled in water with some salt for the flavour and a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda to make sure they remained green and did not lose their colour in the cooking process. After the cooking process the leaves were strained from the boiled water and chopped to make them easier to swallow. For mum there were two spices, salt and pepper, Vineagar was also useful, but you only applied it to the french fries or made mint sauce with it for the pork roast.

And so I did my best to swallow these healthy green leaves without gagging on them. Eventually mum got the message and greens disappeared from my diat plan to be replaced by tomato beans from the tin. Yes we were healthy eaters, but I survived.

Everything was edible, but enoying the food was an extra. I can still hear mum’s voice today when she said (she was a cockney)

“I pity your old man when you find one. He will ‘ave to survive on fish fingers and chips.”

I can assure you Mr. Swiss is thriving on the food I cook for him even if I might cook fish fingers once a month for something completely different, but there are no daily greens à la mère. He eats the fish fingers with salad in my own home made salad sauce.

Daily Prompt: Edible does not always mean that it was good

Good Morning

River Aar 16.07 (3)

After being a home girl all day Saturday and most of Sunday, I decided to escape yesterday evening and took a walk along the river. This time not too far, a standard half hour walk with bench rests in between. Sunday evening the river path is deserted except for a few  joggers that ran past. I suppose it is healthy, but they really seem to be exhausted, puffing and having those tell-tale stains of sweat on the t-shirts. Often the man jogging in front and the wife attached behind, all in the name of keep-fit. There were also a couple of bikers that passed by and the rest were birds and a plane overhead, being on the main route from Zürich airport.

I eventually arrived at my bench before making the climb to the top. It was really peaceful, you could have heard a pin drop as my mum would say. It was then I heard a roar and turned my head. They had shifted the cows and they were now parked in front of my next bench stop. It is a smaller group of three cows and a bull.

Cows 16 (9)

This time I was just a little anxious of approaching this small herd. Although they are separated by an electric fence one of the cows was bellowing at the top of its mooey voice – see action photo. I suspected the bull of making the noise, but he was just hanging around wanting for an opportunity for whatever bulls do with three ladies.

Cows 16 (3)

At last I managed a close-up of the bull: he seemed to have a small fly problem, although they did not spoil a pose for a photo. I asked Mr. Swiss what that contraption was with the ring at the end in the nose, and he said it makes it easier for the farmer to pull him along as bulls are not so co-operative and can get a little annoyed when they have to do things that they do not want to. This is a lucky bull, he has real cows instead of a dummy at the breeding station. I am sure it appreciates it.

Someone mentioned this week that only bulls have horns which is not the case. All cows have the ability to grow horns, but the farmers usually remove them, especially diary cows, for their own protection as they can easily get tangled into whatever cows get tangled with. The cows on this small meadow have all been allowed to keep their horns. Perhaps the bull likes his ladies that way.

This time I did not take a seat on the bench as it was a little too near to the pasture grounds of the bull and his harem and so I walked on. I noticed that hay harvesting time is now well on its way from one of the fields I passed.

River Aar 16.07 (1)

I was now on the home stretch. Walking is a good exercise but more than half an hour can become quite tiring with a stick as support, especially has I had to leave my second bench stop due to too many cows.

Looks like it will be a nice summer day today. The builders have already arrived and the peace and quiet of the week-end has already disappeared. We had a builder grinding in front of the window  which made sure we were all awake and somewhere I can hear saws.

I will be on a trip to the supermarket today, although there is not so much to organise. It is still just Mr. Swiss and I (how romantic). No. 1 son is still in Italy on holiday.

Enjoy the day, or sleep well, wherever you happen to be. I will be back. Saw some interesting berries growing on a bush in the garden of a nearby villa on my way home.

Berries 16.07 (2)