Good Morning

Blue Tooth Cars

These are the latest addition to my car park and I have never seen anything like it before, although leading a quiet life I am not so up to date. Yesterday No. 1 son returned from his holiday in Italy. He goes every year with a special group of handicapped, as he is autistic. He knows most of the colleagues that go with him. It is well organised and this holiday is for those that are not so handicapped with movement. He stays in a hotel, has his own room and usually spends the days on the beach. This is one of the reasons when he returns he has a very deep tan.

As he is quite independent, most of the time he can do his own things, and the group also went on an excursion to Venice which is quite near.

He usually looks around in the shops for some sort of souvenir and this time he bought himself these cars. They are not just inactive objects, but they do things. One of these new developments. He said everyone in the group bought one, he bought two. I call them a “blue tooth” car, because they do not only have flashing lights and a siren noise, but they talk to you something about a blue tooth connection. I am not sure how it works, but they have a built in radio, something to do with your smartphone. Son No. 1 does not have a smartphone, just a normal mobile.

Blue Tooth Car

Anyhow they are quite colourful and something completely different. He also brought us a souvenir from Venice, one of those fridge magnets from Venice. We now have quite a collection from his various holidays, but usually stick them to the door entrance to the kitchen which is metal.

Venice Souvenir

I was in Venice about 50 years ago for a few days at Easter. I was then single and carefree and we were four english girls all living and working in Switzerland that had met up somewhere and on a whim took the train to Venice from Zürich. We did not even have a hotel, but soon found a decent one. Venice is certainly something completely different, although at the age of 19 you do not really have so much interest for monuments, more the daily life of the male population. Needless to say it was an interesting four days.

This morning I have an “ear” problem. At the moment I have reduced hearing in the left ear which I hope will clear itself up eventually as it is Sunday and I am not in the mood to visit the ER at the local hospital, I have other things to do like cooking and ironing etc. etc.

It rained most of the night and this morning it will probably clear up again with a little sun I hope. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Feldbrunnen village 10 (3)

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