Daily Prompt: Soil becomes a building problem

Renovation 11.04 (2)

Once upon a time there was a large heavy box full of soil with plants that grew out of the soil. It was Spring and the plants that appeared every year began to grow. This was normal, but this was also the time of the builders. They moved in and had to have room for their devious works or art. Mrs. Angloswiss was not happy as her pride and joy of plants in the box were in the way and she was not able to move the box as it was too heavy for her. If Mr. Swiss helped to move the box he ran the risk of a permanent injury so she was left with other assistance.

However, this was the time of the gardeners who dealt with such operations and so it came to pass that two strong gardeners transported the box to a place where it could rest during the Summer. Not that Mrs. Angloswiss traps everything on camera, you never know. Time passed, the building was encased in scaffolding and the box of earth was now resting in its new place on bricks, The plants were growing, climbing plants, and suffering from growth restrictions.

One day Mrs. Angloswiss had an idea, not a good idea, the only choice left. She realised that she must rethink the situation and was left with no great choice. The box was always in front of a wall, but the wall will be repainted and must look as perfect as everything else. The builders, the architiects and the powers that be had decided. Mr. Angloswiss no longer had anything to say, she was just a normal human being and did not have the magical powers of the word that builders had. She realised that a box of soil with plants had no place in front of a newly painted wall.

She made a decision, the box no longer had room in the garden, it must go. It was full of soil, and plants, and living organisms which were mostly too small to be seen with the human eye. This idea came to her in the middle of the night when she had a moment of lucidity. I will empty the box. It is now June and the builders will be banned at the end of September. When the next large rubbish collection occurs the box will be discarded.

And so she took he small shovel in hand and began to remove the soil at one end of the box. She soon realised that this was a difficult job, but she found her garden gloves and removed the earth from the box by hand. She had yet another bright idea. There was a flower bed next to this box and so she transported the earth to the flower bed.

Flower Box

A month later the box is now one-third empty. She encountered a few worms and some woodlice on the way, but she was ruthless. They soon found a new habitat in the garden, and woodlice also have their purpose it seems. She read in Wikipedia that the skeletons of woodlice are nutritious for other insects, so she did not feel so guilty – and everyone loves earthworms.

There are still a couple of months to go and when the box is empty she hopes that No. 1 son, aided by Mr. Swiss, will be able to carry the empt box away forever. Yes, there are sacrifices that must be made in the name of renovation.

Mrs. Anglswiss did have a thought of recycling the box as a burial receptable for one of the smaller builders who had destroyed her visions of climbing sweet pea during the summer, but you cannot have everything, especially when rebuilding is taking place.

Daily Prompt: Soil becomes a building problem

Good Morning

TV in the supermarket

You know those encouragements for buying the new perfect TV from the supermarket. As you have finished  at the cash desk there is the opportunity to see yourself on the TV set as the electronic department is opposite the food department. Yesterday I probably had too much time on my hands, so decided on one of my experimental photos with the mobile phone camera, not knowing that Mr. Swiss was joining in. So here we are, at 11.00 am after the shopping trip. We are not really so distorted in real life, it was the angle of the TV set camera and that’s my story. It seems we were alone with the photographic result, but Mr. Swiss mentioned there were various people enjoying watching us in action.

Afterwards we wandered on into the electronics, as I had not had a detailed examination of the newest arrivals for some time. They have a range of microsoft laptops, as well as Apple and I wanted to see if there was anything worth knowing, but nothing really. Apple have at last brought out a new computer with more disk space: interesting but my apple computer works perfectly and I really only use it for blog writing, so I do not really need more space. I have my photos on my Microsoft computer and two hard drives.  Yes I am a cyber golden oldie . I write my good morning blog on my microsoft , not only a golden oldie, but a versatile golden oldie.

And now it was time to depart. It was my turn to drive to the supermarket, so Mr. Swiss took the driver’s seat on the way home and I could concentrate on a few action photos from the car on the way. I only wish he would show more understanding and indulgence when driving. If he could perhaps drive slower when there is something worth an action photo, but he insists on looking at the road ahead and not varying his driving speed according to my wishes: typical man.

My photos are more luck than jundgement, but now and again I get an action photo.

Journey to Langendorf 1707 (9)

They are still busy demolishing the appartments where Mr. Swiss lived in the fifties and I managed a lucky shot. Perhaps Mr. Swiss had to brake for the car in front, my luck. When the blocks are removed, plans have already been made for the new estate. It will be in the form of a park, very green with trees and bushes and in between new appartment blocks. Very nice, although the train connection between Solothurn to the other side of the Jura mountains runs at the side of it. At least you live next to the supermarket.

Our building project is continuing and currently the work is concentrating on construction next to our back window.

Renovation 17.07 (6)

They had stuck paper all over one of the windows, so I was immediately present to ask how long. The builder, one of the friendly ones, told me just for a couple of hours. They would be cutting part of the concrete away below and chips would be flying. They wanted to avoid breaking any windows. I decided there is always a reason for everything and in the afternoon they had removed the covers, so I was left with stained windows – again. No problem, I am now a full time window cleaner.

As I now hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner in the background I should move on: there are things to do like cleaning and places to go to clean, like a bathroom, so have fun today, like I am.

I will leave you with a photo of the Jura mountains taken from the parking lot of the supermarket. In the distance you might see the paraglider hanging in the air, just a speck on the horizon.

Journey to Langendorf 1707 (4)