One Word Photo Challenge: Home

Tabby 01.07 (1)

The good old days before the builders moved in and turned our home into a scaffolding encased skeleton where we could sit outside in the summer, eat our meals outside and above all our feline could make herself comfortable where she wanted to. You can have as many comfortable chairs with cushions as possible, but the cat, she prefers the table – must be some sort of feline logic.

And yes, how I long for those days, but they will return: next summer we will be savouring our home again.

One Word Photo Challenge: Home

Daily Prompt: It was pure lust


“Did you say something?”


“Where are you?”


“Wait I am coming.”

“No, I am reaching a point of no return, this is heaven on earth.”

“Are you alone. Sounds wonderful.”

“Yes, it is, one of life’s delights.”

“Just a moment.”

“Why? I don’t need you, i am doing this all on my own,”

“I can join you, and then it would be even better. both of us together.”

“No, that won’t work. I don’t want to share. There are some pleasures in life that you have to indulge in on your own. Oh, this is so juicy.”

“I never knew you from that side. Please let me join you. It really sounds like one of those moments never to be forgotten, to be shared.”

“It is, it is so lucious, soft and mmmmmm.”

“I am on my way, just have to take my socks off.”

“Did you have to say that, now you have spoilt everything.”

“But you said I look silly with nothing on except for my socks.”

“Did I? I don’t remember. I didn’t invite you to join me, I want to absorb this pleasure all on my own. I don’t care if you keep your socks on or not.”

“I never knew you were like that.”

“Like what? There are some things in life that I want to indulge in on my own and whether you are wearing socks or not makes no difference.”

“What are you wearing.”

“That is not relevant what I am wearing. OK, I can change my t-shirt afterwards I suppose, it is now full of stains.”

“I am on my way.”

“What do you think you are doing. It is 10 o.clock in the morning, I have just finished cleaning the kitchen and you are standing there stark naked, you don’t even have any socks on.”

“But I thought you preferred me without socks.”

“Not at 10 in the morning. We are going shopping, remember.”

“It sounded like you wanted something else.”

“I did and enjoyed it to every last lick and bite and now I am going shopping. Just let me tidy up first of all and have a clean up.”

“But I wanted to share your pleaasure.”

“Too late, although I think there is still one left, but don’t make a mess, although you can have a quick shower afterwards as you are not dressed in any case. You could have at least kept your pyjamas on, you never know if the neighbours might be looking.”

“One left? You mean there were more of you?”

“Three to be exact, but I chose the one that was completely ripe. It was oozing with moisture. You can have one of the others, but hurry, we should really go shopping and dont make a mess.”


Daily Prompt: It was pure lust

Good Morning


Looks like the beginning to a nice sunny day. The clouds are only there to remind me that they exist, otherwise it is a pleasant morning and so I am ready to go: not quite. Unfortunately I do not think I will be going anywhere today.

Yesterday evening my blogs were written, everything was ready for me to depart to the outside world with my camera. However, the best laid plans of mice (me) and men etc. etc. I did a movement that should not have been done resulting in a strange clicking noise in a bone somewhere around the left knee. I made an agonising noise. However, everything more or less under control and nothing is broken. My left leg has not been doing what it should for some time, but I could walk on it, even if the foot tends to be at a 45° angle. Nothing remains perfect when you get older.

I cancelled my walking appointment with the camera and stayed at home. I was rather disappointed as I had not been out the whole week, not feeling up to it. Now I was ready to go and knew it would be a dangerous undertaking to go anywhere. I managed to hobble around in the evening. Mr. Swiss looked after the washing machine. My main problem was standing and sitting, the material surrounding my left knee kept reminding me that things were not so good. Mr. Swiss said he had also had that (we like to share in our family) and it would go away after a few days, which is relative. It is now Sunday morning, I slept as well as usual with no pain, and it really seems it is only certain actions I must avoid. I can only hope it will get better as the day improves.

In the meanwhile I hope to conquer my task of cooking lunch and other daily events like a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of ironing.

Yesterday morning I had an achievement. I had a large window box with plants that the workmen had to shift when they arrived. It was standing on one of my garden paths and no longer looked good. It used to be in front of a garden wall.


The wall is also part of the renovation plan, it will be painted and spruced up. The box was now in the way and I did not have the heart to replaced it in front of the newly painted wall, so I decided it must go. The roses are not part of the arrangement, they grow at the side in the garden, but tend to climb over. Otherwise the box only had some everlasting sweet pea and a few tulips. As I am not so active, I did a slow job emptying it over a couple of months and throwing the earth onto my garden. Yesterday the box was at last emptied. I gave it a quick wash with my hose and then called No. 1 son. He is the strong one, who can move everything. He easily picked up the box and shifted it to one side. I am so glad. Now the workmen can do what they like with it, I do not care. I do not want to keep it, so either it disappears in a workmen’s container or disappears in the next big unwanted objects rubbish collection.

And now to move on, although moving is not really my thing at the moment. It can only get better. At the moment my leg is still attached to my feet and I am hoping for the best.

Have a nice Sunday everyone, I must now prep my red cabbage and get the ham on its way. The potatoes will be the grand finale.

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