Flower of the Day: 01.07.2017 White Flower Bush – Clematis paniculata terniflora

Flowering bushes 25.05 (2)

I have no idea what these flowers are, but they were growing on a bush I passed by on a walk: nothing spectacular, but very dainty.

In the meanwhile of good colleague of mine in Facebook informed me of the correct name for these flowers. It is good to be linked up on the computer.

Flower of the Day: 01.07.2017 White Flower Bush

Daily Prompt: Unwanted Passenger


Did he or she really think my computer would be the next station in its short life? The only purpose in the life of a fly is to be killed and fast enough before they reproduce more of their wonderful children who are the most disgusting objects I have ever seen. Bring me your spiders, even your beetles (perhaps not cockroaches – too big and crunchy) but keep your flies away.

I envisage a planet somewhere in this universe populated by flies. They have a season in the year when it is too cold for them to survive, but they are prepared. They have spent their planet summer building various flying craft, fly suitable, completed with some sort of ambrosia similar food particles to keep them alive on the journey. Eventually the female flies are ready to present the next population and their eggs are packed into this flying object. The remaining thousands of flies on this planet attach themselves to tbis spaceship. begin to flap their wings, and propel it by warp speed into the vast expanse of the universe. The flies now drop with exhaustion on the surface of Planet Diptera, their home, and die, but their offspring are on the way to Earth.

The spaceship lands in a nice warm place, in a cow pancake or perhaps near a cemetary, and they begin to eat.  If you listen carefully you can hear them chomping their way and eventually they emerge as fully grown flies ready to take over. They have had this aim for millions of years. In the meanwhile their enemy, the human, is aware of this eternal threat. In Summer flies are everywhere and even have verious shapes and colours, but a fly remains a fly.

We are armed with a fly swatter in every room as you never know when or where they will appear, but you can be sure they will appear where you are. It is dinner time, and there is one of them buzzing around the food. A slice of bread and jam for breakfast – the fly is already sitting on the jam, the fly paradise.

In the evening you are relaxing in a chair and suddenly you feel a slight irritation. Yes, the fly king is sitting on your arm: a perfect lookout for studying where to go next. You take an aim with your fly killing weapon, but somehow they realise they are under attack before you actually decide to attack them. How often have you swatted you own leg or arm and search for a dead fly that is now laughing and watching suspended from the ceiling on sitting on a wall. The windows are open, the flies can escape but no way. Who wants to sit outside when there is enough to eat inside.

Some time during the year temperatures sink and the male flies die off. The females are busy laying their eggs. Somehow the last remining flies collect the eggs and send a signal. A space ship arrives and the eggs are packed into the cargo room. The remaining flies left on earth wave their now feeble wings as the ship takes off, back to planet Diptera. And so the life cycle of the fly continues. Have you ever wondered where the flies go in the Winter – well now you know.

Fly 18 (4)

Daily Prompt: Unwanted Passenger

Good Morning


It is not luxury, but it is the reason why I stop hugging my bed in the morning. A plain and simple breakfast, nothing special, but a portable breakfast. I don’t eat toast every day, but it is the only bread we have at the moment and it lives longer: coupled with a cup of Twinings breakfast tea, strawberry jam and butter, what could be better. All I have to do is wipe away the traces from the surface and transport the whole thing to the table were my freshly fired up computer is waiting for my morning report from somewhere in the depths of Switzerland.

Mr. Swiss was already closing the plastic bag of rubbish and departed for the container. It had been raining on and off during the night and continued in the morning. When he left for the container, just along the path, it was not raining. When he returned it was raining cats and dogs and all sorts of other unknown species and as he was not wearing a jacket, he got quite wet. I told him that rain makes you even more good looking than you already are, but somehow it did not convince him.

It is strange not to be surrounded by building noise in the morning and only hear the birds chirping and the crows cawing and the patter of rain rebounding off the metal scaffolding – no drills, no hammers, perhaps they will not return. I am planning a best seller horror book “The Builder’s Curse”. I am sure it will be something completely different. They might even film it.


We met our friend again yesterday in the supermarket with her little dog Fuzzy. As I said before, he has a problem with the right front paw, an injury that has given him a permanent sore paw and has to wear protection to soften the pressure. They were on their way to the supermarket restaurant for a snack, one of Fuzzy’s favourite places to sit and get all sorts of doggy treats.

Clouds 30.06 (7)

I have not been places and seen things lately, as either we were confronted with gale force winds, or showers of rain. The only photos I managed to capture are the ones I take from the car, although Mr. Swiss finds when I constantly open the window to get a better shot, it can get quite draughty. We are really getting interesting cloud formations currently, which make quite an impression hanging over the Bernese middle land.

Mr. Swiss is preparing for a safari to the supermarket. I am letting him out on his own this morning to the supermarket whilst I will indulge in occupational therapy and take a walk with the vacuum cleaner through the appartment. He has everything under control and I am sure the ladies working in the supermarket will be only too happy to assist him in his buying tasks.

I wish you all a good start to the week-end, and if you find it boring, then remember, Monday is only two days away when the excitement begins again.