Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shadows

Shadows 27.12 (9)

Most of my shadows are an effect from the blinds when the sun shines and you notice that I should have dusted up before taking the photo 🙂

Shadows Langendorf 06.06 (1)

This one is from the walkway at the local supermarket

River Aare 11.06 (14)

One of my shots from a walk in the village. I never realised until now that I had caught the shadow of the tree.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge; Shadows

Daily Prompt: How not to forget

Case Lock

Going away on holiday and travelling by plane? Did you lock your case before it was put on the plane? Of course, you have one of those numerical locks that you can twiddle to hide the opening number of the case. Eventually you arrive at your desitnation and so does the case. You are now ready for the holiday, just open the case an sort everything. Now what was that number? I changed it last week just to be sure, but was it Fred’s birthday, my birthday or the cat’s birthday. There is a solution: put it on your smartphone.

The phone goes everywhere and so do the codes. Of course, you do not write “my secret code for the lock on my case”, but use a title like “travel” perhaps. No-one would realise it was the code to the case. Of course if you forget what “travel” actually means with the three numbers afterwards, then there is no hope.

My mobile phone is full of secrets, although I only have the case code. As I no longer travel to far flung places, I can tell you, but I will not inform the secret number.

The Smartphone has become my memory. I know when to take my medicine, I know when certain ailments have appeared, I have also registered my diabetes readings as I am now over 70 years old and my doctor says it is advisable if I have a car accident as the police want to know the state of my blood sugar. I also have a strange list of flower names. I often take a photo of a new arrival in the flower store (for one of my blogging challenges) and when I arrive home forget what the name of the flower was. I now have a small list and as soon as I name the flower in my photo file I removed the name on my phone list.

I even have a list of various accidents that happen to me now and again, you never know.  On 28.02.2017 I fell in the laundry room or on 24 & 25.07.217 I was deaf and had to go to the doc to have my ears syringed. These memories are now engraved on my smartphone.

Of course it carries my shopping list, but that one is on a cloud connected to Mr. Swiss mobile phone. If I forget he remembers, and if he forgets I have remembered. If we both forget? Well that smartphone has not yet been invented, the mind reading phone, but someone always remembers somewhere.

So always take your phone with you and before leaving ask your partner whether he has his phone as partners tend to forget such things, they have more important things on their mind. Of course, I have all my passwords on a memory stick, not on the computer. However, where did I put the memory stick?

A funny thing just happened. I am working on my Apple computer and I have an iPhone which is also Apple. I just pressed a button somewhere on my phone and Apple showed me its file with all my iCloud notices on the computer. Isn’t it a clever computer, although I am not sure about that one. Must have an apple to apple talk with my online devices and remind them they should not be so free with sharing my memories.

Daily Prompt: How not to forget

Good Morning

First of all thankyou for the well wishes from yesterday’s Good Morning blog. I was really not feeling  so much up to it, but these things happen now and again and today I am more or less back to the usual me,  full of life in my fingers on the keyboard and with the camera. Everything else is just an extra.



Actually I wanted to show a photo of the stomy grey clouds this morning from the porch, but a spider stole the show. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time for a photo, or perhaps for a human the wrong place. As the season goes towards Autumn, the insects begin to get nervous. Their good days of food and plenty are slowly disppearing and it is time to lay on a reserve for the colder days to come. Somewhere there may be eggs brooding waiting for the next Spring and Mrs. Spider has to take care of the survival of the species.

Bees in Sedum 30.08 (2)

The bees have also begun to buzz around. My sedum opened its flowers a day ago and there is already competition for the best place in the pollen show. It is quite an attraction for insects in striped pullovers. A moth just flew in through the kitchen window, probably a late home comer from the night’s pleasures in the light of the street lamps. I did not manage a photo of the moth, he was too fast and flappy and he has left.

Apples 30.08 (2)

And it is apple time again, although we will wait a week or two before picking the tree. I have two apple trees: a Fiorina which I bought as a sapling almost 20 years ago and gives at least 100 apples a year if not more and a Gala apple from the tree I planted from a seed when I was a working lady in the office. I always had a plant on my desk and put a couple of apple seeds into the pot left over from my morning break. They began to grow, so I took them home and replanted a couple in the garden. One managed survival although I never really expected any fruit. Three years ago the first weak attempt was made with a couple of small mouldy apples, but now the tree is a regular customer annually. Perhaps just a few apples, but it is improving every year. It can only get better.

It is strange how noises can remind you of an almost forgotton childhood.  In the renovation work being carried out in our appartment block, they are now replacing the floor tiles on the balconies and they have to be cut to size. Somewhere there is an electric saw operating and I am reminded of where I lived in the working class area of Bethnal Green in London in England. There were a few saw mills in the area, not for stone but wood, and they would be operating during the day. The noise was ever present, but living in the area it was never really noticed. With time the mills closed and the workmen left. The buildings were empty for a few years and many families of feral cats moved in. The noise of the saws was replaced by cat fights – so back to nature. The sound of the saw on the upper balcony reminds me of those days: the daydreams of a golden oldie.

And now to the normal daily chores. I might even risk cleaning windows today. During the week we were under siege from the builders that were doing things to our windows and covering them with plastic for protection. The plastic has now been removed and it looks almost normal. The workman told me yesterday they were now finished with out windows until the painters arrive, so I will make the most of the time in between and do a wipe over.

Enjoy the day, have fun. I will leave you with some more apples from my other tree: wait – do I see a snail on one of the apples?

Apples 30.08 (4)

Photo Challenge: Structure

Weissenstein 23.08 (69)

Last week I took a ride in our mountain cable car,  built a few years ago. Of course the view from the top of the mountain was spectacular, but I was more interested in taking photos of the structure of the cables of the suspension of the car. I took this photo as we were leaving the exit at the top of the mountain for the descent.

Photo Challenge: Structure

Daily Prompt: Enamoured by the unknown

Renovation 26.08 (2)

And yet again I have been enamoured by an unknown “liker” in WordPress. Of course I like to be liked, but when the first contact includes a link to their site with the request to follow it, then I am not so likeable. I can even get ruthless and throw all the “well meant” endeavours for contact into my trash bin. When the site in question decides to follow you wherever you go, there is no escape: at least I have not yet found it. However there is no damage done and as long I can cancel and throw it all into the trash or whaever, it can disappear for unknown time.

I am used to having legs and feet walking in front of my window, with no heads or body parts since the builders arrived: sometimes they even bring their own broom with them. They do not ask me to like them or make one word comments on my windows, they do the job they are paid for. We are also not enamoured in each other, at least not that I know. Where I am a Mr. Swiss is not far behind, so the enamouring stays within borders.

I have a complete collection of good looking American service men, some even in officers uniform, that want to be my friends in Facebook. Mr. Swiss gets rather jealous, as the only contact request he once received was a full boosomed lady from somewhere in Sweden with the name of Britta wanting to be his friend. We had a discussion and I think that was when he actually decided to leave Facebook forever. I naturally refused friendship with the strapping young military men dressed in tight t-shirts with their wonderful crew cuts. They were not my type. Last week a Romanian with a name I have already forgotten suddenly appeared with a need for friendship. I checked and discovered we had nothing in common, so yet another broken heart joins the others.

The only reason I am in Twitter is to cross post from Word Press and one day perhaps an American president might discover me and ask for advice, although he is too busy taking his own advice.

Daily Prompt: Enamoured by the Unknow

Good Morning

Road to Langendorf 28.08 (37)

I had to persuade myself to say Good Morning this morning. I was not feeling to well, but it can only get better. It was one of those golden oldie mornings where your body reminds you that it is no longer 20 years old, so I decided to take it easy. After a couple of tablets I think my engine is revving up again, but today I will only do what I want to. Mr. Swiss is always telling me that cleaning is not so important because there is nothing to clean. So being a perfect housewife I have set my priorities elsewhere.

I managed a bite of breakfast and will drag myself to a shopping trip this morning.

Window Covering

Our merry  builders packed us in plastic yesterday evening before they went home. They are doing things to the surfaces of our newly insulated styroform packed building which results in dust, dirt and white shavings dropping down to us, being on the ground floor.

Centre Pompidou front view

I took this photo of Centre Pompidou in Paris in 1990 and now our building does have a slight resemblance: perhaps not so artistic and we do not get crowds of sightseers and tourists.

And now to move on, but at least I have made a beginning today. Have fun and if I disappear today it is because I am not my bubbling self today.