Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 16, 2017

Solothurn 1407 (21)

I think this poor bird was really feeling down when I saw him sitting in the shop window.

Forgotten Pumpkin 09.o07.2017

The things you see as I was tsking a walk around our estate. Perhaps it was a photographer’s eye looking for something completely different. But someone had decided that this was defnitely not a pumpkin fit to be turned into a coach for Cinderella. At least the slug was happy to find it.

Solothurn 1407 (2)

A book case on the side of the river bank in Solothurn. It was not even locked but open for everyone. You need a book to read?  Help yourself. You have a book you no longer need, then put it in the book case. It is there for everyone in town.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 16, 2017

Weekly Weather: Dust Storm


Dust storms have become quite common here since the builders moved in. We are not quite sure if it is the builders or someone stoking up a fire down below. There were rumours that a guy was seen with horns and a cloved foot hobbling around. He was carrying a pitchfork and had red eyes. Do not trust anyone.

Weekly Weather: Dust Storm

Daily Prompt: Let’s Savour

Cake and Nectarines with white flesh

Sunday afternoon and time to savour. We savoured lunch which was in the Swiss sense of the taste with sliced veal, Röschsti (a Swiss potato dish) and salad. Afterwards I savoured a midday golden oldie sleep. I savoured my sleep particularly because it is the week-end and we have no building noise surrounding us. Builders also have a week-end and do not work.

On this Sunday afternoon Mr. Swiss has savour problem. Being international we have many countries available on our TV. As Mr. Swiss is man, he likes sports. I do not mind a football match now and again, but we are now in summer and summer does not have football matches. But there is tennis and bicycle racing, as well as Formula 1 car racing and that it the problem Mr. Swiss now has. Should he savour Roger Federer playing in the Wimbledon tennis finals. If he wins it will be Federer’s eighth Wimbledon tennis title and I am sure that Federer will savour a further million Swiss Francs in his bank account.

What do I hear from the living room. Mr. Swiss has yet again changed the TV channel and is watching the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from the noise of racing car motors, but just a minute, silence reigns. The race is finished and the winner has been announced, but have no fear, there is always the Tour de France.

The Tour de France will accompany us for another week, when the final will be in Paris. In the meanwhile the cyclists will be on their way throughout France, up and down mountains and passing through the Franch countryside. I am not such a sport fan, but I do not mind watching the tour de France. The surrounding scenery is wonderful, fields and forests and the cyclists: you should see those muscular sun tanned legs, really unique from an athletic point-of-view of course.

In the meanwhile I have savoured my nectarine and my piece of cake. It is nectarine season and they are very juicy. We now get the special white flesh nectarines which are sweeter than the normal nectarines. I also had a cake to savour, but unfortunately when I had finished it the empty container fell to the floor and I did not savour collecting the bits and pieces of almonds and crumbs together.

I did not savour seeing that savour was again spelt wrongly without the “u”, but things are spelt differently over the pond. I am still trying to discover wat a moxie is, but that was yesterday.

And not to move on. Things have quietened down in the living room with the TV and it seems we have now settled for the Tour de France.


This is the Tour de Suisse when it passed through our village in 2009 and I was watching, with my camera, from the side of the main road (not the muscular legs). They go so fast, it is over in a few seconds

Daily Prompt: Let’s Savour

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Where am I going today? I am still thinking about it, but it will be a stay at home day until the early evening when I might venture out for an adventure. There is not very much excitement in the life of a golden oldie at the moment.

It is holiday time and this morning my iPad news was full of photos of the traffic jam over the Gotthard Pass and on the following motorway, which I have also experienced. Summer holidays have now begun for the schools and everyone wants to be certain of their share of sun. The Gotthard is a mountain separating the Italian speaking part of Switzerland from the rest and if you want to be sure of sun that is where you go in Summer. I know, I have done it.

The problem is that everyone goes there and yesterday being the first big day of the holidays there was a 12 hour blockage of cars seeking the sun in places with such romantic names like Lugano and Locarno, Brissago and Ascona. This was a record and the waiting time all day was at least 2 hours before you could move your car a few centimeters. In the evening it improved, but not really. When the kids were still kids we would do it. To make sure you actually arrive in time in the sunny South, you have a crazy idea about leaving early in the morning for what is usually just a 4-5 hour drive.

We would drag the kids out of their beds at 4.00 a.m. and still half asleep we would climb in to the car and be on our way. It was more or less smooth running until you began the climb to Andermat, which is the last village before the Gotthard. Then you met the real traffic jam and crawling upwards is not fun. Perhaps you car might get a hot motor, and the sun was also now higher in the sky to add to the problems.

Of course there is an alternative, to load your car onto the railway which carries you to the other side of the Gotthard through the Gotthard railway tunnel. I am talking of the early days. Today there is a perfect motorway and new road tunnels have been built in the meanwhile. The kids are now over 40 years old, so I am talking 30 years ago when we had a Simca which is nothing to be compared with modern automobiles. When you are through the tunnel or crossed the mountain pass, known as Tremolo (and you really did tremble with those many hairpin bends) you have arrived where everyone speaks Italian and now all you have to do is perhaps half an hour to your destination, if you do not happen to meet another traffic jam. Once you are through Bellinzona (the capital town of Ticino, the italian Kanton) it is only a short stretch. We were stuck 2 hours after Belinzona in the famous traffic jam but soon Monte Ceneri was approaching, the next mountain in the way. If you survived that one you had arrived. Today roads are improved, new motorways and tunnels have been built, but nothing much has changed. Due to improvements in mobility, even more sun hungry people make their way to the promised holiday land.

One of the problems is that Switzerland is in the middle. We are attacked by tourists coming from other countries wanting to get to other countries. If you are German and want to get to Italy, then you go through Switzerland on the way.

And now after boring everyone with the traffic report from Switzerland I will move on. There are things to do today, like reading a book, play with cooking food in the kitchen, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a little village where the only real nose is from the crows haveing a conversation with the cows, who only moo when they are not chewing grass.

Swans 14.07 (1)